What’s inside

Community Service Organisations are key to delivering outcomes for people and communities in Queensland.
Contracts for the delivery of community services exceed $5 billion in Queensland across health, education and community services.
A move to focus on outcomes is central to better services for vulnerable Queenslanders.
Outcomes based contracting will improve both effectiveness and efficiency of investing and reducing red tape is a critical component.
This will require both the Community Services Industry and Government to rethink the existing relationship.
Outcomes based contracting provides a transformation opportunity in community service delivery in Queensland.

The Community Services Industry Alliance seeks a joint approach from Government and the Community Services Industry to review and reform the existing procurement and contracting life cycle related to community services. Objectives should include the development of:

  • agreed outcomes for key service delivery areas;
  • procurement approaches that foster partnerships and new ways of working;
  • outcomes based contracts and reporting framework;
  • reduction in unnecessary administrative burden; and
  • a system to use reporting data for continuous improvement.