The CSIA defines industry development as a strategic approach that:

  • supports sustainable growth

  • maximises opportunity

  • minimises barriers to industry productivity.

The CSIA invites community service organisations, sector representatives, government agencies, researchers and business partners to work with us to support the growth and sustainability of the Community Services Industry.

By now you will have heard us talking about the report we delivered in partnership with the Queensland Government and Deloitte Access Economics –  Forecasting the future: Community Services in Queensland 2025.   

We keep talking about this report because the key findings within it drew some poignant if not startling conclusions.

The bottom line of absolutely everything in the report is that this industry needs to put some heavy duty focus and resources into its own development.

We have known for some time that we have an ageing population that is growing disproportionately to the overall population.

For a long time we have had the belief that this is an issue for government to address with extra funding.

Well we now realise that Governments are unlikely to have the resources to match growing population needs with increases in Government funding.

Mostly this is because it’s simply not a viable thing to have happen. There will be a smaller proportion of working age people paying income tax, and it would require a significant tax burden on them.

So it leaves the Community Services Industry with a need to quite quickly find ways to diversify revenue sources.

We also need to adapt to being able to provide value for potential investors and funders beyond government.

More than that, we need to look at strategies to help us embrace and optimise the 7 success imperatives outlined in the Forecasting the future: Community Services in 2025 report.

The CSIA has developed a position paper on what we feel comes next in terms of industry development.

Included in that paper is the suggestion that the 7 success imperatives should form the centre of our industry development:

  1. Outcomes focus
  2. Research and innovation
  3. Technology
  4. Funding and financing
  5. Productivity
  6. Collaboration and cooperation
  7. Policy and regulation

We have had years of working on our industry in an issue-by-issue, organisation-by-organisation fashion. 

This has not shifted us in a collective direction and has resulted in patchy results at best. 

We need a strategy that raises the bar on key issues at a collective level for the industry.

Industry development is critical to ensuring a sustainable and vibrant future for the Community Services Industry.  

It will take a more holistic look at our industry than we’ve ever taken before, looking at the barriers and opportunities or actions we need to take to address them.

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