“Innovation and start-up hubs are already building the Trip Advisor of Human Services,” Liz Forsyth – Global Lead, Human Services and Deputy Chair, KPMG Australia

It’s hardly top secret that the introduction of the NDIS has brought with it a need to think and behave differently as an industry.

Bringing competition reform to an industry that never expected it has created the perfect breeding ground for fast moving innovators and digital disrupters.

CSIA CEO Belinda Drew said: “The NDIS creates a new kind of market by giving consumers real choice and control, and the ability to choose their own service providers.

“Where will consumers get the information they need to find and make the right choices about their service providers?

“Someone was always going to fill that void in a smart and digital manner, irreversibly changing the way our industry does business and the level of exposure our organisations would have to the public,” she said.

And it really didn’t take long at all for those digital disrupters to start appearing.

With the nationwide rollout of the NDIS just a few months ago, there are already a number of platforms in well-established Beta phases vying for that magic “Uber” status in our industry.

Two of those platforms are Clickability and Better Caring.


In short, Clickability is like a Trip Advisor for people with a disability.

Service providers can register on Clickability.

People with a disability can provide reviews and ratings of service providers.

If a service has an orange tick next to it, it means that service has registered on Clickability and can respond to the reviews and ratings left by consumers.

They also offer a great blog that supports their underpinning motive of making sure that consumers have access to quality information.

The innovators behind Clickability are actually social workers themselves who just wanted to see Australian people with a disability be empowered by quality information.  

Aviva Beecher and Jenna Moffat found that following the introduction of the NDIS, they were having trouble referring their clients to services for the support they needed.

It was a matter of understanding quickly which services they could refer their clients to, checking those services were reputable, and that their clients were in fact eligible to go to that particular service.

“After that I would need to find out whether that service had a waiting list, whether they were living in the right place, and whether they were the right age to be able to go,” Aviva Beecher told Startup Daily

“That information is really hard to find and it’s hard to know what questions to ask and I was finding myself not only holding a ridiculous amount of power and being a gatekeeper of information, but finding that it was really unempowering for the people I was working with, in my opinion.

“There’s some really great things about the NDIS, including the choice and control piece of it, but the big piece that was missing for Jenna and I was the informed choice,” said Beecher.

“The NDIS has been a huge culture shift for everybody and the piece that was missing for us was the information coming from the people who had used the services before. That’s what was behind us starting Clickability,” she said to Startup Daily.  

Clickability –  which only officially began trading this year – has already made a significant impression in the business space, having taken out the top prize in the 2015 Talent Unleashed Awards for Best Startup Community or Social Impact.

These are global awards with an unbelievable panel of judges including Sir Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak.

This surely says something spectacular about the calibre of our home grown digitial disrupter, Clickability.

While Clickability currently only operates in Victoria they do have a planned rollout through NSW shortly and will no doubt continue to take our industry by storm.

Better Caring 

Better Caring takes a different approach to the same problem that Clickability focused on; how do people with a disability now find and make a decision about their service providers?

In their own words, Better Caring is: an online platform where people with a disability, or those who are ageing, can find and hire local therapists and support workers.

“On our website we enable individual workers to run their own small business and service their customers directly,” Better Caring Founder Peter Scutt said in an interview with Studio 10.

“So they have choices in their work life, and they get to build relationships with people they connect with, and want to be there doing the job.

“And similarly, people that need support can come to the website.

“They can search by postcode, they can look at local workers in their area and they can choose the one that might be right for them. They can contact them, have a conversation, engage them directly and it means its much cheaper for the person,” Scutt told Studio 10.

Better Caring has partnered with COTA Australia, Carers Victoria, Zurich Australian Insurance and Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers which has so far enabled them build a database of more than 700 workers.

At a quick glance as a consumer using Better Caring, you can find workers in your area, see what a worker is qualified and willing to do, see ratings and reviews, and shortlist before you ever make a decision.

The nationwide platform which has received a wide-range of media coverage, also provides a mechanism for managing the timesheets and payments of the workers chosen by the consumer. And further to that, they carry out police, qualification and reference checks on all of their workers and then organise comprehensive insurances for them. 

And as though that wasn’t quite enough support, the website also provides a variety of resources from information and tools to navigate the NDIS and Aged Care Home Care Packages, to blog articles and events.  

It is possible that Better Caring Founder Peter Scutt’s own experience with finding quality care for his elderly parents has resulted in a very thoroughly considered service.

So is there more Uberfication to come?

“You bet there’s more to come,” says CSIA CEO Belinda Drew.

“We are only now on the precipice of change in this industry and as competition and funding reforms force changes to business models and consumer interaction, there will be many more opportunities to Uberfy the industry.

“This is where we need to grab hold of the reform agenda as an industry and lead the way."

Some of our Foundation Members are already leading the way in digital responses to the consumer-led market, and we will feature some of these in an upcoming blog.

“Let’s show government, consumers and the private sector that we are a rich collective of caring businesses who can innovate a future Community Services Industry that is self-sufficient and works for everyone,” Drew said.  

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