What a huge year!

The entire CSIA team has been focused on brining to life the mandate we’ve been given by our Foundation Members.

We’ve had our eyes and actions set firmly on building the Industry’s:

  • investment
  • development
  • profile.

Here’s a little snippet of what we’ve done in each of these areas during 2016.

Industry investment

We have:

  • focused on funding reforms resulting from the NDIS, Child and Family Reforms, Procurement Reforms and a move to the Focus-on-Outcomes approach
  • developed new ideas about progressing social innovation, supporting business transition during reform, and social investment. Now we’re actively seeking opportunities to translate them into action. 


Industry development

We have:

  • completed the Forecasting the Future: Community Services 2025 report in conjunction with Deloitte Access Economics and theQueensland Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services
  • held workshops related to the content of the abovementioned report
  • used the Forecasting the Future report as a basis for a position paper on Industry development
  • developed ways to progress the outcomes agenda in Queensland by continuing to promote the Non-Profit Outcomes toolbox
  • created a network of members who represent the diversity of communities across Australia
  • linked with regional networks to ensure our regions have a voice
  • held Industry specific workshops and events (e.g. Workplace Responses to Domestic and Family Violence, a New Investment Approach to Social Services, Technology and the Community Services Sector, Strengthening the Child and Family Sector, and Global Developments in Impact Investment)
  • partnered with the Department of Social Services and the National Disability Insurance Agency on the NDIS sector readiness project
  • facilitated an Industry response to domestic and family violence
  • provided support to the Industry regarding the impact of increasing wages on business sustainability. We’ve also worked with peak bodies and the wider Industry to develop a strategy to those pressures
  • continued working with the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services on the Jobs, Skills and Industry Strategy
  • developed proof of concept for a unified platform and cloud technology for the Industry. We’ve also established a business case for implementation
  • shaped an Industry development services offering to provide the Industry access to expert advice on business related issues
  • facilitated member access to current thinking and analysis of issues that affect your business (e.g. CEDA, McCullough Robertson, SIMNA, and Resonate.  

Industry profile

We have:

  • been working to build private sector partnerships
  • laid solid foundations for partnerships with Chambers of Commerce as we undertake a regional roadshow promoting the Forecasting the Future report
  • used data to profile the size and nature of the business of community service delivery in Queensland
  • been engaged across a wide range of formal and informal government consultations and advisory groups, and have built a strong reputation for forthright and trusted advice.


Other things we’ve done this year

We have:

  • worked in consortium with the Workforce Council, NDS Queensland and QCOSS as partners in the Workability project. Workability is focused on the supply of workforce in Queensland for the implementation of the NDIS
  • taken a field study trip to the NDIS trial site in the Hunter Region. Along with some of our Foundation Members, we looked at the NDIS implementation in the area after three years.  This provided us with a practical and up close opportunities for participants to gain insights and ideas for the business transformation journey ahead of them. We’ll introduce these ideas into Queensland to inform a more rigorous approach to outcomes
  • begun scoping the expansion of the CSIA beyond the borders of Queensland. In fact, as this post is published, we’re in Melbourne meeting with Victorian community service organisations and government agencies around this very topic. Next week we’ll be in Sydney doing the same thing. Our aim here is to become the leading industry body across jurisdictions and programs for community service organisations on business and industry development
  • developed a community services assets proposal to increase the supply of affordable housing in Queensland and we’re seeking funding to trial a range of approaches as a result
  • collaborated with the Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) to support the development implementation of the Strengthening the Sector Strategy. The CSIA has been named as a key partner in each of the four outcomes areas
  • developed, and put forward, a proposal for a community coordination mechanism to respond to the needs of asylum seekers and refugees in Queensland
  • put an Industry lens over significant policy issues such as:
    • Competition policy
    • Payment by Outcomes
    • Budget and election analysis.

In 2017, we’ll build on all of this and more as we strive to consolidate our state level work and expand into the National arena.

Our Industry is being challenged on multiple fronts. We are exposed to increased competition, contestability, and the need for quality performance data.

Governments are calling for greater value for money, productivity and efficiency.

This is happening in an environment of rising costs, increasing demand, an ageing workforce and a technological revolution. 

We need to make sense of this environment and be ready to shape our own future.

Over the past two years the CSIA has proven its worth to the Community Services Industry.

With your help we can continue our crucial Industry work.

Be part of the movement advancing our industry’s business and sustainability. It’s a movement giving us greater capacity to make a bigger difference in people’s lives.

When you become a CSIA Foundation Member, you’re making a commitment to our industry’s success and sustainability.



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