When you come across a resource that is both useful and entertaining, it really is your obligation to share that resource more broadly.

And that’s what’s happening here.

The Joan Garry blog and podcast – both appropriately named Nonprofits are messy – offer practical advice for executive directors, CEOs, Board leadership, development directors and fundraisers.  

And no, this is not another boring old blog by someone who has never been in the same situations you find yourself in every day. 

Joan Garry has definitely been there herself.

Profiling the Joan Garry podcast on the CSIA blog

After 14 years in executive positions in corporate entertainment (including being part of the team to launch MTV in 1981!), Joan became the Executive Director of an American nonprofit organisation called GLAAD.

In case you’ve never heard of GLAAD (and why would you, it’s American and we’re Australian), they are one of the largest gay rights organisations in the USA.

While she was in that role she launched several successful media campaigns and managed to convince the New York Times to include same sex wedding announcements in its exclusive Style section.

All this before she acted as the co-chair of Barack Obama’s LGBT Finance Committee during his 2008 presidential campaign.

She’s now running her own consultancy helping nonprofits succeed, she’s teaching nonprofit media strategy at the University of Pennsylvania, and she’s blogging for The Huffington Post.

These are the sort of credentials that give someone like Joan the appropriate leverage for offering advice to others through her blog and podcast.

The podcast is 25 episodes in and offers all manner of topics from “the fear of asking for money” through to “turning tragedy into legacy”.

Nonprofits are Messy, the Podcast, features a wide range of guest speakers from backgrounds including the Senior Vice President for Global Philanthropy and Global Citizenship at Estee Lauder to the Director of Community Relations for the Philadelphia Eagles.

If podcasts are not your cup-of-tea, you are likely to enjoy the highly organised and actionable blog posts that cover pretty well everything you might need/want to know about:

  • being and executive director
  • creating a first-rate Board of Directors
  • fundraising.

This is a website well worth checking out. You won’t be disappointed.  

In case you doubt us, here’s one of Joan Garry’s videos to whet your appetite for more. This one is on The Problem with Executive Sessions.

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