The world has changed for not-for-profits with the introduction of consumer-directed care and funding model shifts.

It’s dropped the majority of organisations firmly in unfamiliar territory.

Suddenly, organisations are finding they need to far more actively market themselves to attract customers. Governments are no longer automatically funding programs with particular not-for-profits but are instead moving to models where the consumer has more choice over their provider.

Ok. So, you’ve got no problem with that, but how do you decide on the best way to allocate your precious marketing resources?

We’ve compiled a list of 7 great articles with some brilliant advice to help you make those choices.


Not-for-profit specific


The ever reliable and critically acclaimed media site, the Huffington Post, features an article from WideNet Marketing Strategist Matthew Tyson.

Tyson offers a variety of very useful tips but the one that particularly caught my eye was about signing up for Google’s NFP program.

Did you know that Google have an Ad Grants initiative? Neither did I, but it’s just one of the gems this article offers that you could gain a serious advantage from.



Gary Vaynerchuck (also known as Gary Vee) is widely revered in the marketing industry.

He’s famous for his no nonsense, straight talking style; a style intensely evident in this article.

The premise of this piece is that you need to give value to get value from your marketing and he’s got some insight on how to do that.

Ultimately, life is about value exchange. Give value to get value.
 – Gary Vee



For those of us that love a good case study, this article delivers a beautiful combination of just that with 9 key NFP marketing lessons.

Brian Gardner defines social proof as “the positive influence created when people find out others are doing something – now, suddenly, everyone else wants to do that something, too.
– Kissmetrics



The Balance is a great site in its entirety as a NFP marketing how-to resource.

This particular article stuck out to me because I am a content marketer at heart, and a large part of what I am passionate about is storytelling.

Moving on from that however, storytelling is a tried and tested method of connecting with real people on issues that may be complex or confronting.

Few things are more complex or confronting than finding yourself in the minefield of choosing a service provider for your disability, or for a loved one with a disability?

This how-to on online storytelling is certain to help you break through the crowded marketplace.


Local business specific

Many organisations will be competing for the same clients in a geographic area. You may not be aware that there are some really specific online marketing techniques to help you gain the advantage.

The following articles offer some tips and insights.


More than an article, this is a link to a phenomenal resource hub to help you Learn Local Marketing.

It begins with the basics around online business listings and then moves into a raft of how-to’s and information on:

  • Reviews and ratings
  • Your website
  • Social media
  • Local SEO glossary
  • Trusted providers

Prospective customers are looking for your business online.
Make that connection happen with local search.
– Moz



Focusing in on proper targeting, engagement and measurement of your online activities, the folks at Search Engine Land have put together a great offering of 10 ways to simplify your local marketing strategy.



And we round out the article neatly with another piece by the Huffington Post.

This offering has many common approaches that I think sometimes it helps to be reminded of. The other thing about some of the suggestions in this article is that we can be forgiven for thinking they might not apply to us – we’d be wrong – but forgiven.

It’s a great piece for reminding us to think a little broader about ourselves as businesses.



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