She was adamant then that action was already being taken out of our hands.

This week we were in Sydney with 25 Industry representatives, giving further momentum to the notion of rethinking regulation in our industry.

Liz Forsyth is the Global Lead of Human Services and the Deputy Chair of KPMG Australia.

She has an impressive ability to leave little doubt in your mind when she speaks.

[caption: Event panel members – Michael Woodhouse, Belinda Drew and Liz Forsyth]

Her message remains clear: There MUST be an Industry response to the current mismatch between regulation and innovation.

The challenge in attempting to marry regulation and innovation is that regulation is the steady state while innovation is the unsteady state and needs to allow for failure.

And so the call-to-arms for the WHOLE Community Services Industry is this:

  • Seek collective solutions.
  • Share the risk and be prepared to continually improve.
  • Come up with solutions that include the voice of the consumer.

And what about this as a way forward:

Let’s create a system of market differentiation where those organisations who perform well are rewarded with autonomy and market permissions, while those who perform poorly are given resources to improve capability but on a timeline. If those who perform poorly don’t improve within the timeline they’re given, they are exited from the system.  

What’s needed for that to work?

  • Measures will need to focus on the right things, not on EVERYTHING
  • Regulation will need to be separated from funding
  • An appropriate funding system will need to be developed that allows for:
    • flexibility and excellence in performance
    • whole of system behaviours
    • population outcomes, and
    • customer journeys.


What are your thoughts on improving regulation for the Community Services Industry?

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