The CSIA’s Forecasting the Future: Community Services in Queensland 2025 report highlighted digital disruption and technology modernisation as key areas of focus for Community Services to succeed into the future.

Other businesses and industries are taking advantage of the digital revolution and it is important that the Community Services Industry, and our clients, are not left behind.

The CSIA has identified a number of potential benefits our Industry may achieve through a planned approach to technology modernisation:

  • greater efficiency and streamlined services by automating routine functions and adopting modern applications
  • integration of services by a more effective flow of information between programs and services
  • greater client choice and control through customer facing applications, assistive technologies, improved communication and social platforms
  • more effective service planning and better targeting of services through data analysis and insights
  • better measurement and understanding service impacts and outcomes through client management systems and reporting tools
  • accountability and improved performance through publicly available service level outcomes/performance data
  • support for a mobile workforce and remote service delivery through mobile applications, hand held devices and wireless connectivity
  • reduced cost and greater efficiency in back-of-house operations, using the power of modern applications and integrated systems.


In February this year, the CSIA conducted a survey of our Foundation Members to understand their current IT plans and to inform the CSIA’s industry development efforts in relation to technology.

The survey indicated that:

  • all responding organisations are working on their IT challenges right now, and many have identified multiple priorities for technology development in the next one-to-two years
  • the top five areas of interest to organisations include:
    • case studies of cost savings from deploying technology solutions – 70.8%
    • new technologies on the horizon – 62.5%
    • adoption of affordable technologies used by other organisations – 58.3%
    • review and adoption of disruptive technologies – 58.3%
    • joint procurement of technology solutions – 50.0%
  • organisations also identified two related areas that are high on their list of priorities: the adopting of a digital culture and workforce management
  • a number of organisations stated their interest in sharing the experiences and learnings throughout their adoption of technology.

We’ve taken these findings on board and have started working on a number of new initiatives to support our Industry.

Talk IT Up

The first of these initiatives is an event called Talk IT Up – an exciting opportunity for the Community Services Industry to connect with providers of established and emerging technology solutions.

Talk IT Up is combines a speed networking session with a showcase of two case studies exploring IT solutions in our Industry.

The event has been designed to introduce you to a selection of Queensland companies that may have IT solutions suitable for your business.

Each participating company will be able to offer solution/s around one or more of our identified topics that:

  • is adaptable to your business
  • solves a problem
  • identifies a better way of doing things ­– alternatives you may not have considered.

The topics to be covered are:

  • cloud data/information security
  • digital culture
  • information management / information sharing platforms
  • data/business analytics
  • workforce management
  • hardware/devices.

Talk IT Up has been developed with generous support from the Queensland Government through Advance Queensland and the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

This is a free event but places are strictly limited.



Joint procurement

Another key area for the CSIA’s technology agenda is the exploration of joint procurement for technology solutions, using the group buying power of our Industry to gain access to new software, hardware and devices at more affordable prices.

We are actively working with the Queensland Government and select IT vendors to develop purchasing options.  

If you have a technology procurement interest you would like to explore with the CSIA, we urge you to contact us to discuss – the more buyers who are interested, the better deals we can negotiate.


IT review and planning

The CSIA recognises that we need to take a planned approach to adoption of new technologies. The investment in technology modernisation needs to be well targeted to meet business and client outcomes.

To this end, we are piloting an approach to organisational technology review and planning that is tailored to the specific needs of community service organisations.

Importantly, we have designed this service to suit small and medium sized organisations, recognising the resource constraints many of these organisation experience.

The strong focus of this IT review and planning initiative is the alignment of your technology to your service objectives, ensuring you invest your limited funds where they will serve the greatest benefit. This is all about avoiding a ‘bells-and-whistles’ approach, but ensuring that you achieve benefits beyond efficiency.

We have one pilot review all set to commence shortly, and we can’t wait to share the outcomes of that with you in due course.

In the meantime, we’re seeking expressions of interest from other community services providers who are interested in undertaking a review of their technology needs and developing a forward plan for technology modernisation.  


We are also progressing the establishment of a panel of providers made up of consultants, business advisers and mentors to assess business capacity and support strategies for business transformation.

Support would be targeted (using the business transformation framework) and focus on solutions to the challenges organisations face in change management and business transformation.

Community Care Business Transformation & Innovation Conference

The CSIA is also a proud sponsor of the 2017 Community Care Business Transformation & Innovation Conference to be held at QUT Gardens Point Campus on Tuesday 6 June.

This conference brings together local and international innovation, change and technology experts across the fields of community care, government policy, business, assistive technologies and offsite information systems delivery.

The conference is designed to expand the Industry’s thinking about the way technology, disruption and innovation can uniquely benefit outcomes for the future.

We think this is a hugely important and very timely event, which just happens to be occurring right here in Queensland.

You can find out more and register for the Conference here:


Get involved

If you would like more information about any of the work the CSIA is doing around technology modernisation, or if you would like to get involved in this exciting agenda for the Industry, please contact Matthew Gillett, Industry Development Manager by clicking the button below.


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