This group will bring strategic insight and leadership to the complex issues impacting on the business and sustainability of community services into the future.


By applying a critical thinking framework to these issues, the Reform Council will focus on an industry-led agenda to ensure the success of community services and the important work we do.

The Reform Council will provide strategic advice, knowledge, insights and recommendations to the CSIA and our Board to help shape policy.

We will use these policy positions to inform the discussions we have with decision-makers, policy-makers, and other key stakeholders as we seek to influence the direction of reform.

The Community Services Industry is currently being challenged on multiple fronts:

  • increased competition
  • contestability
  • consumer centricity
  • workforce growth and professional development
  • the need for quality performance data
  • standards and regulation
  • productivity
  • outcomes and performance
  • technology

As you would expect – given it has emerged as a product of the CSIA – the Reform Council’s focus is on the business and sustainability of community services through positive action and change. It has a ‘business of the business’ focus in realtion to the key areas of change.

What shape will the Reform Council take?

  • The Community Services Reform Council will have 12 members – with a maximum of two members from each state or territory’s jurisdiction, reflecting CSIA’s national growth.
  • Two CSIA Directors will be members of the Council providing a structural link to the Board an ensuring high qulaity governance.
  • The Council will be supported by a Chair who is independent and can bring profile and experience on the reform issues that matter to industry.

The Reform Council is:

  • symbolic: it represents the Community Services Industry
  • a convener: it can call people in for an Industry agenda
  • content rich: it will prioritise issues e.g. NDIS, child and family services, housing issues, and competition policy

Are you interested in a role?​

The CSIA is currently recruiting for a Chair as well as Reform Council members.  If you are interested to join with us in this exciting initiative and support the work of the Council please follow the link below. Applications close 12 June 2017.



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