1.   Crowdfunding 101 for non-profits and social enterprises

(27.25 minutes)


In case you really don’t know who Chuffed.org are, they offer an Australian crowdfunding platform as an alternative to the clipboard waving charity muggers desperately trying to raise much needed funds for Australian non-profits.

In this very poignant video, Chuffed.org Founder, Prashan Paramanathan, takes you through the basics of crowdfunding for your social cause, non-profit, social enterprise or community project.

He says, these are the tips and tricks that got over 3,500 projects funded.

I say, take a look and give them a try for yourself.

2.   Using crowdfunding to launch or grow your social impact initiative

(1hour 22 minutes)


StartSomeGood is a leading global crowdfunding platform specifically for social impact projects. While their team is ‘virtual’ – meaning because they’re online they can help you from wherever in the world they are – they also have actual humans on the ground in Australia, the United State, and the United Kingdom.

Tom Dawkins, the StartSomeGood CEO, is an interesting Australian in his own right and I recommend checking out his website if you get a chance.  

My little side note here on Tom is that not only is he a StartSomeGood Cofounder, he is also behind the Australian Changemakers Festival, Vibewire Youth Inc, and the Black Rock City Farmers Market.

So, while his video/webinar requires a substantial investment of your time, he certainly has the credentials to make that investment solid.

The volume of great content in this video is outstanding, covering everything from the role of risk and minimising that for your supporters, to misconceptions about crowdfunding, through to campaign targeting, launching, case studies and much more!

3. Raise Money with Crowdfunding – A Strategic Fundraising Plan

(51.42 minutes)

Nonprofit Ally 

So, here is how the team at Nonprofit Ally introduce themselves:

The Nonprofit Ally community is run by a group of “Allies” who are experts in nonprofit development. Their skills range from fundraising, marketing, nonprofit law, storytelling, social media strategies and more. They are a dedicated bunch of professionals who want to help you succeed.

They’ve drilled it all right down and they offer you the bite size pieces you need to make sure your crowdfunding campaign is done strategically and has a fighting chance of yielding results.

The presenter goes into depth on what elements make a good campaign page, creating the perfect team, budget, all the content you need, launch plan, maintaining the campaign and more!

4.   Keys to Crowdfunding Success: by Indiegogo Founder Danae Ringelmann

(13.53 minutes)


Indiegogo are another crowdfunding platform. This American platform is all about bringing people and ideas together as well as creating the capacity for that idea to come to life. They wanted to revolutionise funding.

One of their founders, Danae Ringlemann, is the star of this nice short video where she unpacks for you the three keys to ‘pitch’ success.

5.   How Crowdfunding Works for Nonprofits

(13.05 minutes)

Salvador Briggman 

This guy has a lot of runs on the board with some rather notable publications.

He is a serial entrepreneur with a blog, podcast and YouTube show on crowdfunding, all of which is hosted under the brand name Crowdcrux.

Salvador discusses how to reach your fundraising goal, the role of momentum, the campaign duration, thank you rewards for donors and more.  

He also weighs up two models of raising funds, offering some good food for thought.


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