On the back of this opinion piece by Elizabeth Proust AO (Chairman of the Australian Institute of Company Directors) in ProBono Australia this week, we thought we’d pull together a round up piece on places you can get solid information on best practice governance for the non-profit sector.

In case you haven’t read this piece, Elizabeth is talking about reports of poor practice in the charity sector, what’s behind those reports and what happens to the reputation of the entire non-profit sector in Australia as a result.

“When it comes to trust in the charity sector, a rising tide lifts all boats. However, this means that the actions, both good and bad, of individual charities can influence trust and confidence across the broader sector.”

Elizabeth Proust AO, Chairman of the AICD

Pointing to a UK example of eroded public trust in the non-profit sector, Elizabeth’s contention is that – here in Australia – we still have time to avoid catastrophe if we focus on improving the instances of misconduct and poor practice that can be found in our sector.

So, with all that in mind, we’ve done a round-up of information sources to help you conduct a self-check on your organisation.

And of course, if you need actual outside help reviewing your organisation, please get in touch with Matthew Gillett, Industry Development Manager on [email protected].

Good Governance Principles and Guidance for Not-for-Profit Organisations

Australian Institute of Company Directors

Not-for-profit governance

Governance Institute of Australia

Governance for good – the ACNC’s guide for charity board members


Governance and legal duties of office holders

Not-for-profit Law Information Hub

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