Industry women discuss partnerships as the future of Cairns’ community services

Consider a future… Where private sector, government, universities, community members and community services organisations participate in mutually beneficial partnerships to deliver robust and sustainable services across Queensland…… This cohesion has contributed to creating a united approach and mutual accountability for addressing social challenges.

On the 11 October 2017, a group of strong, experienced and intelligent women from Cairns community services organisations will come together for breakfast and a deep think on the future of the industry they’re all so passionate about.

Headlining the event will be Cairns local, Jann Crase, the CEO of Regional Development Australia Far North Queensland and Torres Strait Inc.

She’ll lead the critical, much needed, discussion on the regional response to the many and varied rapid changes plaguing the Community Services Industry – now and into the future.

Looking forward to the year 2025, work already completed by the Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA) in partnership with Deloitte, forecasts a need for the Industry to work in partnership with the private sector in order to survive and thrive.

A mix of formal and informal partnerships between the sectors will be crucial for the cross-fertilisations of ideas, skills and knowledge.

“One of the most exciting things about the Cairns Women’s Business Breakfast is the way it’s already bringing together private sector and community service organisations,” says Belinda Drew, CSIA CEO.

“The registrations we’ve already received for the event show a nice mix of both sectors.

“At the breakfast, we’ll explore the benefits of improved working relationships and how that helps to build a stronger community. Naturally, a discussion like that is going to be strengthened by having both sides of the equation in the room,” she says.

“With Jann Crase’s help, we’re going to unpack exactly why these tight-knit and purposeful relationships will matter in the new economy.”

Heidi Mathieson from the Queensland Government’s Office for Women will also speak at the breakfast. It is due to funding from her office that the Community Services Industry Alliance is able to bring the IGNITE and UNITE: CSIA Women’s Business Breakfast series to you across the State.

A bit about Jann Crase


Jann has 15 years’ experience in public policy research, analysis and solution development with a predominant focus on Indigenous land and sea management, regional economic development, and conservation across Northern Australia. With a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Science from JCU Townsville, Jann has developed a strong multidisciplinary approach to problem solving and developing effective, lasting solutions.

Jann has strong research, analytical and communication skills, developed through a career as a conservation advocate, law reformer, policy advisor and community educator, both at a State and Federal level. She is proficient at interpreting, critiquing and developing reform options for law, policy and programs across a range of policy areas and is committed to collaborating with communities and stakeholders at the ‘grass roots’.

Her experience and knowledge has been built through diverse roles with regional and national conservation organisations, including Northern Australia Program Manager for the ACF, the Indigenous Land Corporation, consultancy work with NAILSMA, a multicultural advocacy role.  Jann started with the organisation in 2012 as the Policy & Projects Officer and in 2015 was appointed to the role of the CEO.