What’s inside

This is the second report developed as part of the Laying Foundations for Industry Excellence project by CSIA with support from the Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC). The purpose of this project was to pursue building an evidence base to support industry-led development of the child and family support sector, in line with Action 5.1 of the QFCC Strengthening our Sector Strategy.

Growing our collective understanding of child and family support organisations to inform an approach to industry development.

This report builds on the Stage One Report that provided a business maturity assessment of 200 organisations in the child and family sector.

Following consultation with community services industry stakeholders across Queensland, this report provides insights into the business development priorities and systemic challenges facing organisations in the child and family sector. The report presents insights against eight key business domains: Transparency and Accountability, Funding and Financing, Research and Innovation, Collaboration and Cooperation, Digital Capability, Outcomes Focus, Workforce & Governance.

The report concludes with a description of external systemic pressures that impact on business success, and provides a set of recommendations for an industry development agenda.