Communities gather for Inclusion Ready Introduction Workshops

This week the ILC Inclusion Ready Introduction Workshops kicked-off in the Sunshine Coast and Moreton regions.

The information in the following blog is correct at the time of posting. Read the latest updates here.

More than 70 participants attended the two workshops, from local business, employment services, community clubs and groups, service providers and allied health organisations.

Initial feedback has been positive from participants who also had the opportunity to network before and after the workshop:

“Clearly presented information with good interactive activities.”

“The day helped grow collaborations.”

“Great to have a concrete task to ground the information.”

“The second half of the workshop was a great way to collaborate and generate ideas. Next step is to support the delivery of sophisticated submissions.”

But what does the workshop cover and how could you benefit?

With the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rolling out through Queensland there are many opportunities for a community to fulfil the unmet needs of a person with a disability.

The ILC grants will be available to support programs and activities that will improve community inclusion.

To build understanding about the grants, NDS presenter Ian Montague shares insights about with workshop participants so they have a whole picture understanding.

“The ILC budget will build slowly over the coming years to be more than $134 million nationally by 2021. This money is to support you, especially when having funding available is a barrier, to create the programs, resources, activities and changes your community needs,” he tells them.

This is a great opportunity for Queensland communities to apply for the funding support to improve community inclusion. Along with providing people with disability the chance to be a part of their community, there are social and economic benefits inclusion can bring for everyone.

Ian also led participants through an overview of the NDIS, with a focus on the growth it will bring to a number of regions. He covered general information about applying. Right now is the best time to start thinking about what services, programs and activities to provide for your community.

With this in mind, the interactive activity is introduced with a real-life example of an idea. Groups work through the process of planning, the types of questions they need to ask and how to collaborate with the right organisations and people in the community.

Ian said that there was a lot of great ideas and excitement in the room during the workshops.

“We had people who had a local business, along with service providers, people with disability and health professional keen to develop opportunities for their community.

“They weren’t sure where to start, but by the end of the activity there were ideas flying around the room.

It was great to hear so many participants were excited about what they can do and are looking forward to attending the next workshop round,” he said.

From late April to early May, the ILC Application Skills workshop will be held across the state to take participants through the ILC grant process. This will be for individuals and groups developing their collaborations.

Introduction Workshops are at various locations until April.

You can find more information about the ILC Provider Readiness project on the CSIA website.