Stories of Change to Theory of Change

For many organisations looking to apply for an Information Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) grant the thought of explaining their evidence-based outcomes can be overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be.  

The Inclusion Ready project is providing the opportunity for organisations to develop the narrative they need alongside a theory of change to strengthen their ILC grant applications.

Stories of Change to Theory of Change workshops are running at six Queensland locations from July to September.

Why should you consider this opportunity? 

Evidence of outcomes or being able to answer the question, “What difference are we making?”  is becoming core business for community organisations. For many, the struggle is in finding the right outcomes framework to effectively answer this question.

But rather than put it in the too-hard basket, now is the time to tap into an opportunity to be guided through a proven process and walk away with the resources you need.

CSIA has partnered with Visual Insights People to deliver Stories of Change to Theory of Change workshops.

Visual Insights People have proven success engaging people working in the community sector in outcome evaluation through story-telling and visual communication tools, such as theory of change models.

For a nominal cost of $100 for both full day workshops, you and your staff will gain skills needed for the forthcoming ILC grants applications and other funding opportunities. Importantly the workshops will assist your organisation to design programs and measure assess if they are working.

What will you get out of the two days? 

Storytelling has quickly become a standard way of sharing and interpreting experiences and information. World renowned storyteller Robert McKee said it is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today. And it can be a powerful way to showcase your outcomes and achievements.

This medium provides organisations the opportunity to share their activity or ILC achievements in a way that is engaging, compelling and memorable.

The first day will show you how evidence-based storytelling can form the foundation of your outcomes work. You will learn how to develop client stories into rich outcome data to develop the narrative to build the case for your ILC grant.

The second day will guide you in developing a theory of change (TOC) for your project. The practical activities will help you to then connect your TOC with your user-centred/client stories and outcomes to existing evidence and research.

It is critical that your ILC grant application is clear about your project outcomes and how you will measure them. Developing a TOC is one effective way to do this.

This tailored framework will also be a useful reflection planning tool and assist in multiple aspects of your organisation’s operations, including strategic planning, job descriptions and workplans.

We are calling for Expressions of Interest for two-day workshops being held at:

  • Sunshine Coast – 10 and 11 July
  • Brisbane – 16 and 17 July
  • Gold Coast – 19 and 20 July
  • Cairns – 24 and 25 July
  • Townsville – 9 and 10 August
  • Hervey Bay – 6 and 7 September

You will need to complete and submit an expression of interest as soon as possible. One of the friendly Inclusion Ready team will be in touch to discuss your participation.

You can find out more about the inclusion ready project at