Strengthen the skillset of your organisation through this great opportunity

In our industry the terms storytelling and Theory of Change are thrown around a lot but how do you develop these skills? For many organisations these are unattainable opportunities but increasingly essential to the work we do.

Funding bodies are now asking organisations to demonstrate that the work they are doing is useful, and these workshops enable organisations to develop tools to help with both planning and evaluating the effectiveness of their project work.

CSIA is offering a two-day workshop called Stories of Change to Theories of Change to demystify these terms. By attending you will walk out with a strong understanding about how to tell your project or program story and build a plan to deliver the change you want to see. You will also benefit through online support for 12 weeks after the course. Register your Expression of Interest (EOI) now to attend one of the workshops.

Don’t take our word for it! The first workshops have participants reporting benefits that go beyond their proposed applications for Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) grants.

Participants in the first two workshops at Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast said that they have significantly improved their confidence and skills in telling their stories and developing meaningful frameworks to evaluate those stories. They also noted that they gained skills that were valuable across their business.

“Stories can be more than just stories, they can also be data” – Debbie Bailey, CEO Toowoomba Club House 

This is a skillset that is hard to find, but once gained can be used again and again across different projects and grant applications.

Three participants sat down after the sessions, shared their insights and what they are taking back to their organisation.

Claire Jones, Founding Director, Australian Refugee and Migrant Care Services 

Why you should attend?

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) have recommended that organisations develop and include a Theory of Change in their ILC applications. This is something that is becoming more common across a number of different grant and funding body applications.

Don’t be left behind!

These workshops can help quite considerably with framing an ILC application, but also include ongoing support in the development of your Theory of Change. Participants won’t walk out wondering what to do next, there is a team ready to support you as you move further into developing your own Theory of Change.

Telling your story can be the difference between being successful and not for your funding applications. This workshop will arm you with the tools to understand and tell your story in a meaningful way, as well as a tool for showing how you will bring about change.

Who is delivering the workshops?

CSIA, through the Inclusion Ready Project, have engaged Visual Insights People to facilitate these workshops. The skilled and highly experienced Samantha Abbato PhD employs a dynamic and collaborative approach to building Theories of Change and storytelling. She brings her years of experience as an evaluator and extensive creative, qualitative, and quantitative data collection skills.

What do you need to invest?

“These two days have been a great investment” – Susan Allan, Vice-President of Community Plus

These workshops are heavily subsidised through the Inclusion ready project so we only ask for $100 toward venue costs. Nevertheless the workshops can have a significant impact on how you frame your organisation’s work. You will also be eligible for three months of post-workshop support, to further develop your theory of change.

There are still workshops being run in selected locations across Queensland. To receive further information sign up to the Ignite newsletter below.