What you need to know about the past 12 months

Are you in the process of putting together your Annual Report?

While the focus is on getting the financial section right, which is very important, this is also an opportunity for you to share what the finances have achieved for your stakeholders, service-users and the wider community. It can be easy to skip this step, especially when times are busy. That’s when it’s imperative, to take the time to look at what has been delivered and to celebrate the hard work of everyone involved.

At CSIA, the team are busy finalising the annual report but we are also working on sharing what we have delivered for the community services industry and how that will support the sustainability of the industry.

CSIA CEO Belinda Drew acknowledged 2017/18 was a big year for CSIA and she is proud of all that has been achieved in the past 12 months.

“CSIA has been hard at work for industry and we have seen that in the results, with the delivery of key projects, programs and forward thinking.”

“Within these projects there have been some key pieces of collaborative work that are starting to shape the future sustainability of the industry. This is an exciting time,” Ms Drew said.

Let us share some of CSIA’s leadership and achievements, as well as what they mean to you, your organisation and the wider industry. CSIA has:

  • Provided seven disaster recovery business continuity planning workshops to more than 100 participants across Queensland. These sessions worked through the Disaster Management and Recovery workbooks and enabled participants to work with their organisation to be prepared in times of crisis. In the coming year we plan to establish peer-to-peer disaster recovery networks in Queensland regions to help build connections and improve disaster preparedness in our industry
  • Produced the Commissioning for Outcomes report along with the model for system excellence and a road map for indusry leadership in outcomes focussed investment in the future. This report addresses the need to change the investment model to provide wrap-around services that meet the needs of the users. Following the completion of the report, CSIA has:
    • Delivered the Eagleby project that applied Commissioning for Outcomes model and frameworks in a real life, place-based setting. The report from this project should be released in coming weeks.
    • Commenced a project with Department of Housing and Public Works to use the model to develop a new investment logic for specialist homelessness services.
    • Started work with the Department of Child Safety, Women and Youth to apply the model for system excellence to the intensive foster care sector
  • Delivered the Laying Foundations project in partnership with Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC). The project’s key findings describe some of the challenges and opportunities ahead but also establishes a platform for further work, focusing on sector excellence and sustainability. Specifically, there are five key recommendations, which provide a way forward for industry development.
  • Held an Industry Forum in partnership with QFCC with more than 60 senior industry leaders coming together. The final Laying Foundations report was presented with key stakeholders agreeing to participate in the delivery of the five key priorities. CSIA has a new team member who is dedicated to the implementation of the five priorities.
  • Delivered the first year of the Inclusion Ready Project. The project has, in partnership with National Disability Services (NDS) Queensland, provided workshops, resources and tools to raise awareness about inclusion of people with disability and the ILC grants across the state. This included:
    • More than 40 workshops presented to 800 participants who are one step closer to the grant process
    • Established Inclusion Ready online as a networking platform for potential ILC grant applicants to share their ideas, build collaborations, speak with people with disability and support each other
    • Commissioning Griffith University to write the Becoming Inclusion Ready report that provides industry, community members and business with an understanding of the state of inclusion, internationally and nationally, and provides evidence for their ILC grant submissions
    • A comprehensive inclusion resource point on the CSIA website filled with all the workshop information, tools, videos, presentations for ILC grant applicants and the wider community to access.
    • An online self-assessment tool that not only helps people to understand their readiness to make an application but links them to a range of great reference and source material
    • Digital stories to raise awareness of inclusion and the ILC grants.
  • Set up the Community Services Reform Council who have met five times since inception and who have progressed the Total Value Proposition discussion for industry
  • Continued to provide strategy, governance and project management leadership to the Workability consortium project which was successful in achieving funding for a further twelve months until 30 June 2019. CSIA achievements in this project have included:
    • Leading a research project into opportunities to increase the uptake of traineeships and other formal training pathways for the NDIDS workforce
    • Establishment of the NDIS Training and Skills Support Strategy supported by Department of Employment, Small Business and Training to provide innovative training solutions over the next three years.
    • Successfully obtained Jobs Queensland funding for a three year research project on the workforce impacts of NDIS that is about to begin.
  • Formed an alliance with Ernst & Young, First People’s Disability Network and APM to successfully tender for the national Boosting Local Care Workforce project that is now commencing delivery in all states and territories.
  • Delivered regional breakfasts in Brisbane, Cairns, Toowoomba and Rockhampton with more than 210 in attendees.
  • Partnered with Myriad, which enabled community service industry organisations to purchase tickets at a special rate, providing access to the latest in digital and innovation solutions
  • Worked with QUT and EY to host a one-day Digital Impact and Community Services event presented by a leading expert from Stamford University
  • Played a key role in developing the Department of Communities Partnering for the future: Advancing Queensland’s community services industry strategy.  The success imperatives from the CSIA Forecasting the Future project formed a basis forthe strategy, which shows the importance of the work CSIA is doing with industry when it comes to building a sustainable future.

“CSIA is here to develop and advance the community services industry and in the past year we have been collaborating with community service organisations, governments, consultants and the wider community to achieve our goals,” Ms Drew reflects.

“Our success is in partnership with industry leaders.

“We have 50 founding members who are at the forefront of the industry, seeing the need for CSIA and getting behind all the work that we do,” she said.

“Industry leaders Key Assets, Logan Together, Life Without Barriers and Uniting Care Queensland banded with us to invest in the Commissioning for Outcomes report.

“The next 12-months is set to be even busier, but it means that we are able to work with industry to identify the big problems or issues and find evidence-based solutions by following our proven methodology,” Ms Drew said.

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