Is your Inclusion Ready ILC application a good idea?

Are you eligible or ready to make an Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) grant application?

CSIA has developed a free online self-assessment tool to help your organisation answer key questions about its inclusive project and developing an ILC grant application.

The tool has been developed for organisations to use internally, as a framework to guide and support through the planning process. It forms a suite of tools available to help the wider community build inclusion awareness and to work through the application process.

Inclusion Ready Project Manager Carol Bunt said the self-assessment tool helps organisations to identify and take advantage of inclusive business opportunities created by the NDIS.

“If any organisation is thinking about how they want be inclusive or even if they are further down the ILC planning journey, this tool is a fantastic place to start,” she said.

“It has around 60 questions to work through, that you can leave and return to at any time, and contains links to information and resources.

“The whole self-assessment checklist takes approximately an hour to complete and at the end you have a document you can use while preparing your ILC grant application.

“And importantly, it provides guidance on the eligibility of an organisation’s ILC idea or project,” she said.

Ms Bunt said the online tool intuitively mirrors the preparation process from considering which activity area a project fits into, through to collaborating with organisations and preparing a budget.

“The tool is divided into two sections. The first explores the ILC, an organisation’s project idea and how it aligns with the ILC intent. This is a great way to check your project is on track,” she said.

The second section explores the evidence required, demonstrating outcomes, having a plan and resources, and finally if you are ready to put together an ILC grant.”

The Inclusion ready self-assessment tool enables organisations and the wider community to think about what inclusion might look like and how to collaborate with the right organisations and representatives.

The self-assessment tool can be found at The tool was designed by CSIA and National Disability Services (NDS) and funded by the Queensland Government.

Organisations are also encouraged to join the Inclusion Ready Online community, to talk about ILC grants, ask questions, share ideas for feedback and find collaborators to help deliver your project.

CSIA has a suite of other resources to support organisations who want to become more inclusive and potentially make an ILC grant submission, including:

Workshops – to learn more about ILC, inclusion and how to prepare a theory of change
Resources – videos, collateral and more to help build understanding of inclusion and ILC

ILC grant applications will be called for late in 2018 or early 2019 for projects to commence from 1 July 2019. Further grant rounds are also likely to be available at a later date.