The Boosting Local Care Workforce Program team

The next five years will see significant job growth across the community services industry.

We already know that the Health and Community services industry is the biggest employer behind Australia’s economic growth.

But what are we doing to make sure that we have the strategy, planning and networks to manage this growth?

CSIA is in partnership through the Boosting the Local Care Workforce Program (BLCW) and through this program we have employed key staff to deliver this innovative and exciting work.

Announced by the Federal Government, the project sets out to support a strong and sustainable workforce ahead of the full roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by 2020.

CSIA is excited to be a partner of BLCW with First Peoples Disability Network in this important cross-sector alliance, headed up by Ernst & Young.

The disability workforce is expecting a necessary growth of 90,000 FTE staff in this time, while it is estimated the aged care sector will need to increase from 366,000 workers up to 980,000 by 2050.

The project is employing a number of roles across Australia to meet the growing workforce pressures by building sector capability and linking job seekers to sector employers.

CSIA has employed  two key roles in Queensland to help coordinators work with providers to improve their workforce planning, modelling and development capability, including recruitment models.

Let us introduce you to the new additions to the team so far:

Rockhampton Regional Coordinator Cassie Brophy

Cassie is an experienced local and regional coordinator, with more than six years of industry experience. Most recently she has been focused on building Queensland’s workforce through the WorkAbility project, where she built strong networks between stakeholders and had a strong contribution to the regional action plan. She is committed to providing the highest possible standard of leadership and client care.

Workforce Planning Specialist Coordinator Michelle Templin

Michelle is a workforce planning and development specialist with extensive experience in strategic workforce development, stakeholder engagement, corporate communications, industry advocacy and project management gained across various sectors, most recently in health and aged care.

She brings considerable expertise in implementing place-based workforce solutions, having previously managed the Grow Your Own health workforce project and the Queensland Agriculture Workforce Network.. Michelle has developed successful collaborative partnerships with various stakeholders including federal, state and local government, job active providers, registered training organisations, schools, universities, community organisations, and industry to deliver workforce attraction, recruitment and development initiatives.

In the coming weeks, CSIA will be announcing other key appointments for the Lead Regional Coordinator (Qld) and Specialist Coordinator (Aged Care and Disability).Other roles will be filled by other organisations funded through the BLCW Program.

It is envisaged that the BLCW Program will contribute to the achievement of a vibrant market for disability services and allow people with disability to exercise choice and control over the services they receive, including when and where they receive those services.

We look forward to being part of this initiative and helping to shape a sustainable community services industry workforce.