Commissioning for Outcomes in homelessness

CSIA is leading a new project that looks at investment logic in the homelessness sector.

Following the release of the Commissioning for outcomes: an industry-led approach report, CSIA has formed a partnership with the Department of Housing and Public Works (DHPW).

This partnership started when CSIA, industry and the state government recognised that the report provided insights about how together, industry and government might improve the future approach to investment in Queensland’s specialist homelessness services sector.

To kick-off the project, CSIA foundation members attended a briefing about the project, but if you couldn’t attend, we have the key information you need to know.

What is this project?  

The Commissioning for Outcomes – Homelessness Investment project is focused on developing a new logic for investment in specialist homelessness services, while building an understanding of what might be needed for industry and government to transition to a new, outcomes-focused approach.

The project will be iterative by nature, and will involve four key stages:

One: Developing a project work plan and working partnership with DHPW.

Two: Researching to understand the current and future state of investment in specialist homelessness services across Queensland.

Three: Undertaking demonstration projects to explore what it would take to achieve investment reform in various scenarios and settings.

Four: Developing a logic for future investment in specialist homelessness services, as well as a transition plan detailing what industry needs to be ready for a future involving outcomes-focused investment.

Throughout this work, CSIA plans to focus on the core expertise of industry in service delivery, and by discovering what works reverse engineer this knowledge into the design of a new logic.

How will it benefit industry?  

The Commissioning for Outcomes Homelessness Investment project will provide an opportunity for industry to be part of shaping the future of the sector.

For years, specialist homelessness services have been seeking greater flexibility with investment, in order to be more innovative, focus on what works, and be genuinely supported to pursue more collaborative, place-based efforts to reduce homelessness.

This project will support industry to articulate ‘what works’ and ‘what is needed’, so that investment enables services to deliver better outcomes for individuals, families and the community.

Now is the time to bring industry expertise to the fore.

What is commissioning for outcomes?  

CSIA launched the Commissioning for outcomes: an industry-led approach report earlier this year. It outlines a new way of working that focuses on empowering communities and their local services to build what they need for better outcomes and sustainable change.

The commissioning for outcomes report was developed thanks to four industry leaders who funded the project:

  • Key Assets
  • Life Without Barriers
  • Logan Together
  • Uniting Care Queensland

CSIA was able to engage The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) to research and work with us to develop the model for system excellence and roadmap for transformation. 

What’s next in the project?  

With CSIA and DHPW soon to finalise a workplan for the project, CSIA will be engaging individuals and organisations across Queensland, to help shape a deeper understanding of the current state of the specialist homelessness services system in Queensland.

If you are interested in being involved in the project or would like to find out more, contact project lead Vanessa Swinburn on email at [email protected].