CSIA is part of the national conversation around investment in communities.

CSIA a member of the Grow Australia Partnership that is looking to advance and support communities tackling entrenched poverty and inequality.

Grow Australia is comprised of around 60 community leaders, community organisations, philanthropies, business leaders and academics driving change on the ground across the country.

The partnership is currently developing a policy agenda about investment in place-based, community-led initiatives across Australia. The partnership then want to involve communities across Australia in shaping the policy agenda.

To do this, they have developed a policy statement and discussion paper that emphasises approaches that:

  • give children the best start in life
  • are integrated and tailored to local needs
  • have people in the community leading and driving the change
  • involve governments, philanthropists, businesses, academics and non-government organisations working together

These documents will be the focus for a special breakout session at the upcoming ChangeFest 2018.

At the event, CSIA will be part of  a policy roundtable that will help shape the final policy statement and subsequent papers.

CSIA General Manager of Programs. Matthew Gillett, said CSIA was invited into the partnership because of our policy work and the commissioning for outcomes work at the place-based and program level.

“We bring an Industry-led united voice focussed on finding a more strategic approach to investment for communities tackling wicked problems.

“Making sure that the commissioning for outcomes framework and language is a part of the partnership’s greater strategic conversation supports our industry networks who are forging ahead with commissioning projects towards an improved place-based and outcomes-focussed solution.

“Our role in this partnership is another way that we are taking the Industry-led work we do to advance the community services industry and achieve better outcomes for communities.”

The GROW Australia Partnership has together developed core principles that underpin the movement. These are:

  1. Shifting the balance of power to communities. Communities should be empowered and supported to lead, make decisions, and own solutions and outcomes, improving accountability overall.
  2. Shared goals and solutions are tailored to local needs. Investments have greater impact when they are aligned to the needs and goals of each unique place and when the community, government, philanthropy and other partners work collectively to common outcomes.
  3. Improved lives over time, through strong foundations in the early years of life. Focus on a child’s wellbeing, knowing the earlier we invest in the family and community around that child, the better the social and economic outcomes for individuals, families, communities, and country.
  4. Integrated efforts and investment. The rules, processes, incentives and behaviours across the whole system need to change to remove barriers and integrate silos of governance, funding and effort to deliver resources to communities.

Mr Gillett said the discussion paper would step out the vision, opportunity, principles, and call to action that would lead this strategic effort.

“To bring about the kind of paradigm change we need to emphasise place-based and collective response to communities in crisis, we need to have an agreed way forward.

“The policy agenda and discussion paper will support the partnership asking Federal and State Governments to invest in a strategic approach during the next decade.

“This falls in line with the commissioning for outcomes work CSIA is engaging in and we are excited how it will support this shift of investment paradigm for outcomes-focussed solutions.

“We look forward to seeing Industry at the ChangeFest discussion and working with the Grow Partnership at a national level to create better outcomes for communities in need.”

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