Keep the inclusive ideas flowing because now is the time to do your preparation.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) grants are expected to be announced early in 2019.

Community groups and organisations will have the opportunity through the ILC program to apply for grants for projects that create community inclusion for people with disabilities and their families and carers.

But no matter where you are in your planning and preparation, we have the resources, tools and information to help you be Inclusion Ready.

This includes digital storytelling series about inclusion, self-assessment tools, workshop recordings, factsheets and Theory of Change documentation. These will give you an understanding of both inclusion and the ILC grants, assisting with application preparation and building collaborations with the right groups to deliver your inclusive project.

The ILC grants are an opportunity for your organisation to collaborate with others in your community to build a strong application and deliver new projects.

CSIA CEO Belinda Drew said it’s important that organisations planning to apply for an ILC grant have the skills and tools required.

“We are excited to have the project move into the second phase to provide a deeper engagement around inclusion and the grants.

“In this next phase Inclusion Ready is going to have a particular focus on inclusive employment and education for people with a disability.

“The Becoming Inclusion Ready Report shows that, employees with disabilities have higher retention rates, better work attendance rates, equivalent productivity levels and better workplace safety records than employees without disabilities.

“The report also found that early inclusion in school is consistently a key predictor for a life trajectory of inclusion for children with disabilities.

“But there are barriers identified through the report that impact on people with disabilities securing employment in their communities, as well as being able to carry out their education.

“Helping communities to break down these barriers and create change is going to be an essential part of the next phase.”

Ms Drew said that the project was also expanding to focus to build capability across Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations to support their ILC opportunities.

“Along with the extensive suite of new resources and new rounds of information sessions, we are aiming to work with these groups in our community to produce materials that fill gaps to achieve inclusion. This includes people with disabilities from culturally diverse backgrounds too.

“We are also going to move into deeper engagement with rural and regional Queensland with officers at key locations across the state.

“This will enable us to support Queensland communities to build more understanding about inclusion and the related ILC grants.