What are you doing to be prepared?

Having a clear, robust workforce strategy is imperative for the community services industry. Most organisations are looking to the future and what they need to do now to be prepared.

Workforce is our biggest asset in Community Services. And with so many changes bringing new challenges and opportunities, organisations need to understand what this new workforce landscape will look like.

CSIA is working on a range of projects and research, often in collaboration, to help you make the best decisions around your workforce planning.

What we know

The Community Services Industry is one of the fastest growing sectors for jobs and is a major contributor to the economy. Health and community services grew by 57,700 new jobs in just 12-months, providing 3.6 per cent growth nationally. Health Care and Social assistance is also the largest employing industry in Australia, with 1,680,900 workers in May 2018 (13.4% of total employment).

This alone is enough to throw organisations into a workforce planning spin! But that is not all.

The Industry is also facing changes with the roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as well as an unprecedented number of Commonwealth and State reforms. The future is looking to be very different to the way we operate today.

To meet current and future needs, it is essential that the Industry is well positioned. It will need to attract more people into the industry, and build and support a workforce with diverse skills, performing a range of job roles.

And CSIA will support the industry to be ready.

CSIA CEO Belinda Drew said their workforce projects were focussed on the promotion of workforce and skills development to support a sustainable future for Queensland.“We are creating alliances, collaborations and connections across the sector to lead key projects and research that will help the industry develop strong workforce strategies.

“From these projects and other work we undertake, we will provide the industry with resources, tools, insights and latest findings to make informed workforce strategy and planning decisions.

“Now is the time to be preparing for the future, or face being left behind, something we don’t want to happen to any community services organisations,” Ms Drew said.

CSIA is currently working across:

WorkAbility Qld

This program of work is delivered in consortium with the National Disability Services and the Queensland Council for Social Service to grow and develop the NDIS workforce in Queensland. CSIA provides the governance and project management for the consortium, as well as leading state-wide initiatives.

In the past year, eight Jobs Roadshows were held throughout Queensland. At these Roadshows, 611 Jobseekers were screened by 78 potential employers and 174 recruiters resulting in 2,622 interviews. 

NDIS Workforce Research

CSIA is managing a key research project in partnership with Jobs Queensland and on behalf of WorkAbility Qld. This three year Quantitative and Qualitative Research Project seeks to understand the patterns experienced by employers and NDIS workforce issues. During the next 12 months, the project will look at key rural and regional areas across Queensland, including delivering forums for communities to provide their input.

NDIS Training and Skills Report Strategy

The NDIS Training and Skills Support Strategy (NTSSS) is delivered as part of the WorkAbility Qld consortium and is supported by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training. The NTSS is an Industry-led, multifaceted approach to training and developing a quality workforce capable of delivering services reflective of the needs of NDIS participants across Queensland.

In the year ahead, the NTSSS will review the Industry’s priorities under the Queensland Vocational Education and Training (VET) Investment Plan and begin pilots of new pre-employment and school pathway programs into our Industry.

Boosting Local Care Workforce

CSIA is participating in the BLCW alliance project with Ernst & Young and the First Peoples Disability Network on a national project. With investment from the Federal Department of Social Services, this project supports workforce growth and industry development in disability and aged care sectors, with a particular focus on those in rural, regional and outer-metropolitan locations.

CSIA has a number of staff across a range of key locations for this project.

Child and Family Services

The Laying Foundations research report highlighted a range of important workforce challenges for child and family services. CSIA and Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) have begun working together on a workforce action plan.

Ms Drew said that having a strong, well-trained and skilled workforce is critical to the success of the Community Service Industry as it grows.

“Workforce is a key industry development agenda for CSIA going forward.”