CSIA is working in partnership with Regional Social Development Coalition to support the Community Services Industry across the Whitsunday, Isaac and Mackay region.

CSIA is committed to advancing the business and sustainability of community services. To achieve this, CSIA is creating meaningful partnerships with different organisations.

Across the Community Services Industry partnering is essential to achieving greater impact than any organisation can generate on its own.

A solid partnership has the potential to enhance community engagement, increase awareness of the issues being addressed and establish a framework for future opportunities.

Like any relationship, strong partnerships are cultivated over time. And that’s exactly how the partnership between CSIA and the Regional Social Development Coalition (RSDC) has evolved.

RSDC works regionally across Whitsunday, Isaac and Mackay local Government areas to provide mentoring and support for community managed organisations ensuring ongoing sustainability for a strong and resilient community.

RSDC Project Officer Dorne Wallace said the two organisations were the right fit through a shared vision.

“Because of our focus on Industry sustainability, we are working together to support a regional Queensland Community of Practice for community development organisations,” said Ms Wallace.

CSIA has been sharing expertise with RSDC and their wider network. CSIA provided expert advice at the RSDC National SEGRA Community Forum and the Coalition of Community Boards Forums. RSDC launched CSIA’s Forecasting the Future Report in Mackay.

RSDC President Karen May said the partnership consolidates the work of both organisations.

“RSDC provides a regional collective voice that can inform CSIA of the issues and concerns facing those in regional communities,’ said Ms May.

“Similarly, CSIA is a valuable resource for RSDC and our regional communities. They provide expert, up to date advice and data and links to other networks. Through partnering we raise important issues in a stronger voice.”

CSIA continues to partner with RSDC to host an Ignite and Unite: Regional Women in Leadership Women’s Breakfast in Mackay. The event will celebrate women in leadership with a focus on the next generation of leaders in Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday. It provides a forum where women can focus on the skills, knowledge and support required to be a successful industry leader.

CSIA CEO Belinda Drew said this partnership brought expertise and events to the area, as well as a platform for highlighting local projects, successes and concerns.

“We are excited to continue working with RSDC on initiatives that will affect change in the Community Services Industry in Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday,” said Ms Drew.

“Rural and regional community services are imperative to the people they serve and we are focused on making sure their voices are heard, as well as having access to the same information, resources and expertise as the metropolitan areas.

“Our aim for the Ignite and Unite event is to provide an opportunity for women to develop new and ongoing relationships with Industry, with local Government and with the private sector. By partnering with RSDC there is more opportunity for the conversations to continue in the region.”

The conversation around women in leadership will continue through RSDC’s Regional Social Priorities Working Group. Women from Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday areas are encouraged to participate in the working group to inform future direction in the region.

Ignite and Unite is supported by the Office for Women, Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women, Queensland Government.

To find out more about the Regional Social Priorities Working Group contact Dorne Wallace at [email protected].