A Business Development Tool Designed for and by the Community Services Industry

A new digital business development tool to support your organisation’s planning and support the sustainable future of the Community Services Industry.

The Business Maturity Scorecard is a free online tool to measure, record and track your organisation’s business maturity over time. By answering questions across eight business areas, you will receive a comprehensive report identifying areas of growth and improvement.

It was through a partnership that CSIA was able to bring this integral scorecard to life to advance the business and sustainability of the Industry.

CSIA is working in partnership with the Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) to strengthen the capacity and capability of the child and family support sector.

As part of the partnership, the Laying Foundations for Industry Excellence undertook research to support the Community Services Industry to build future sustainability.

A key component of the Laying Foundations Final Report is the digitisation of the Business Maturity Scorecard to support business development in the Community Services Industry.

In a fast-changing environment, measuring maturity provides a consistent baseline to gauge and guide future readiness. Business maturity is about shifting away from reactive responses and towards positioning for a sustainable future.

CSIA CEO Belinda Drew is looking forward to working with Industry to identify business and investment opportunities as the Scorecard rolls out.

“The focus of the QFCC partnership has been about transcending Industry from compliance to excellence,” said Ms Drew, “and the Business Maturity Scorecard is a great opportunity for organisations to achieve excellence at all levels of their planning.”

The Business Maturity Scorecard is a free and easy to use self-assessment tool designed for and by the Community Services Industry.

The Scorecard provides your organisation with a way to measure, record and track your performance across eight business domains:

  1. Transparency and Accountability
  2. Funding and Financing
  3. Research and Innovation
  4. Collaboration and Cooperation
  5. Digital Capability
  6. Outcomes Focus
  7. Workforce
  8. Governance

Once complete, users are provided with a full report including an analysis of the organisation’s strengths and areas of development in less than 20 minutes.

“The report provides a consistent way of measuring improvements made over time,’ said Ms Drew.

“Using the report at all levels of organisational planning saves time and provides everyone with a clear and concise forecast of where resources need to be allocated.”

The opportunity to come back again and again to test your business maturity means you can easily report back to your Board and staff on progress and celebrate achievements.

The ability to easily monitor your progress helps inform strategic planning, investment decisions and improve your organisation’s sustainability.

When you use the Business Maturity Scorecard you contribute to the collation of a comprehensive sector-wide data set on business maturity.

“The aggregated data across Industry will provide insights that inform how best to direct investment in Industry development,’ said Ms Drew.

“This will leverage opportunities to promote the strengths of Industry as a whole and provide benchmarks for individual organisations.”

Your organisation’s privacy is important to CSIA. We are only interested in the lessons to be learnt from the aggregated data across Industry. Your organisation’s individual data will not be released publicly. To read more about the management of data entered in the Business Maturity Scorecard please check out the privacy statement.