A familiar part of the Australian corporate and entertainment landscape, James O’Loghlin has taken all that he has learned through hosting the New Inventors show on ABC TV and hosting national evening ABC radio. Now a celebrated expert and speaker on innovation, James is bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience to the CSIA Inclusion Ready Summit.

The full-day event on Wednesday 7 August is themed around Doing the WORK, harnessing the FORCE: innovation and collaboration for the future. With James at the helm, the day will include engaging sessions with thought leaders, researchers, experts and those with lived experience around innovation and collaboration.

The James O’Loghlin experience

In the lead up to the Summit, we spoke with James about what we can expect from his session, as well as what you will be walking away with.

James started out as a corporate and criminal lawyer, before leaping into being a stand-up comedian and media personality. His interest in innovation was sparked as host of The New Inventors, which has led to publishing the successful book Innovation is a State of Mind – Simple Strategies to be more Innovative in what you do. Here’s a sneak peek into his session, straight from James:

“No matter how well we are doing things today, most of us realise that if we keep doing them the same way, in 10 years’ time we will have been left behind,” James shares.

“The increasingly rapid pace of change quickly turns today’s cutting edge best practice into tomorrow’s fax machine. That is, something that was great but is now out-dated. To stay relevant and successful, we need to innovate. Of course, everyone tells us that innovation is important.

“The problem is that no one explains how to actually do it.

“Many of us want to focus more on improving our business, but despite our good intentions, find that it just doesn’t happen. What gets in the way? What stops us from being more innovative, and how can we overcome those barriers?” James asks.

“In my keynote, I’m going to share some simple, easy-to-implement strategies you can use every day to help you become more innovative. I’ll explain how innovation happens, and outline a process you can go through to help you identify opportunities for innovation in your business, and then take advantage of them. I want to encourage you to question everything that you do and ask, ‘is it possible there might be a better way?’, and will share some case studies of individuals and businesses that have done just that.

“I’ll also outline some steps you can take to build an innovative workplace culture in your organisation, where everyone, from the receptionist to the CEO, is encouraged to be innovative, and how you can create a system to harvest the innovative ideas of your people, quickly and cheaply find the best of their ideas that will improve your business, and implement them.

“In the session, we’ll also look at the most common barriers to innovation, the things that stop us turning our good intentions about innovation into action, and I’ll outline some practical ways to overcome each of those barriers.

“Then, in the second half of the session, I will run a workshop where every attendee will apply the principles outlined in the keynote to their own business. They will identify opportunities for innovation, generate new ideas to improve their business and then share, and grow those ideas, and identify what they need to do next to turn it into a reality,” James explains.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be part of this important conversation. Workforce is one of the biggest issues facing the Community Services Industry. The only way to be ready is to understand what is happening and how you can prepare yourself, your team and your organisation to succeed in the future.

The Workforce Summit is the second in the CSIA Day Summit Series, following the success of the Inclusion Ready Summit.

These events offer participants access to thought leaders, experts, and the latest research, ideas and opportunities around Workforce, Inclusion and Commissioning for Outcomes.

Themes and topics are based around the business of the business, to help you build a sustainable community services organisation to meet changes and challenges facing the Community Services Industry.