Here at CSIA we understand thinking about what we deliver based on productivity alone does not capture the true work of the Community Services Industry and impacts on the way investors, the community and the media understand what we do.

CSIA CEO Belinda Drew emphasises the need to move beyond productivity alone to focus on the wider value the Community Services Industry delivers to stakeholders.

“We want to challenge Industry to think beyond the transactional lens of productivity when it comes to measuring value,” explains Belinda, “and to contemplate a broader set of considerations about the delivery of value that speaks to the transformational nature of the work we do.”

Our story, how we talk about ourselves, and how others see us can and should be reshaped by Industry.

The Value of Community Services

Established in October 2017, the Community Services Reform Council represents a new way of drawing on thought leadership in the Community Services Industry.

The Council has been considering the issue of productivity and value from a range of angles over the past 18 months and has produced the Value of Community Services discussion paper with CSIA.

The Value of Community Services is a conversation-starter to change the narrative of our value beyond productivity and to support Industry-led discussions towards a new paradigm.

The Community Services Value Model

With the unprecedented growth of the Community Services Industry, productivity is important from an economic point of view. But it is only one element of a broader set of value drivers in the Community Services Industry.

The Community Services Value Model forms part of the discussion paper and describes the three areas we need to interrogate to clearly articulate what we do.

The three areas of the Community Services Value Model are:

Productivity: how efficient and effective we are in our work

Outcomes Alignment: how we deliver the policy priorities of our communities and government

Social Licence: the trust and relationships we have with organisations, government and the community we serve.

Be an Industry Leader – Join the Conversation

The Value of Community Services discussion paper provides a starting point for discussion. It includes a set of questions you can take to your next Board meeting and discuss with your Senior Executive team.

After your conversation consider what your organisation will contribute to a debate about Industry value.

Tell us what you think. Send your thoughts to CSIA CEO Belinda Drew.

CSIA and the Community Services Reform Council envisions the Value of Community Services paper as the first in a series that tackles some of the larger ideas around the Community Services Industry system.