As an Industry we need to consistently review how we go about our business to ensure the workforce and organisational cultures we build are child safe.

This has been reflected through the work led by CSIA Industry Development Manager Beth Dwine working collaboratively with Industry and Government on pursuing excellence when it comes to child safe organisations.

“As reflected in the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations, even if your work is not primarily focused on services to children and their families it is essential that you give consideration to the needs of children and families,” said Ms Dwine.

This National Child Protection Week takes a deep dive into organisational communication with the release of new research and a framework to change the way we talk about supporting children and families.

Child Development Communication Framework

National Child Protection Week provides an opportunity for the Community Services Industry to assess how the work we are doing is putting the child at the heart of communications.

Navigating Waters: Talking About Parenting is a new resource backed by evidence-based research to build support for the policies families need to thrive.

“Frameworks like these require a long-term commitment from the Community Services Industry to change the way we communicate and engage with families,” Ms Dwine explains.

Synergistic to the Excellence Framework, Navigating Waters encourages change through the way we talk and the stories we tell. It uses a child-centred framework that can be easily implemented in marketing and communication strategies.

The Value of Metaphors

A key takeaway from the resource is the power of communicating with metaphors in changing how people understand an issue.

Metaphors trigger strong mental images and provide a familiar way to think and talk about an issue.

The resource provides a number of examples of how to use metaphors in communications around child development.

Navigating Waters is a practical guide for community services organisations to review the way they communicate,” said Ms Dwine. “This resource is a timely reminder that a child-centred approach needs to be considered across all areas of business. We need to continue the pursuit of excellence at every level of workforce, operations and governance.”

Have you reviewed your pursuit of excellence lately? Learn more with the free Excellence Framework for Child Safe Organisations and test your organisation’s business maturity today.