CSIA is excited to introduce the three demonstration projects for the next phase of the Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) Investment Project.

We are working in partnership with the Department of Housing and Public Works (DHPW) and Industry as we move into this important step of taking the theory and testing it in a number of scenarios.

The Industry-led Theory of Change, which was drafted in early 2019 has been refined through interviews, focus groups, and the Partnering for Impact and Growth forums delivered by QShelter in partnership with DHPW during May and June 2019.

Eager to share findings to date and embark on the next phase of learning, CSIA hosted a briefing this week to discuss the current state of investment flow under DHPW’s Homelessness Program.

The briefing took Industry on a journey from inputs and activities through to outcomes. Read more about the SHS project to date in this FAQ.

Here’s a snapshot of how the Theory of Change will be tested through three demonstration projects.

Demonstration Project Principles

CSIA in partnership with DHPW invites Industry to participate in three demonstration projects from September to December 2019.

After listening to Industry, the demonstration projects have been designed inclusive of principles that:

  • One occurs outside of South-East Queensland
  • Each demonstration project involves multiple organisations and Government participation
  • Projects build on existing strengths and energy for change
  • Each demonstration project looks to learn more about what might be required of Industry and Government for each of the element/s of the Theory of Change as it relates to the commissioning cycle.

Demonstration Project Proposal 1 – Service integration and investment 

CSIA will work with stakeholders around investment, which seeks to assist people who are sleeping rough in Cairns. We will co-produce a logic for investment that contributes to outcomes for this cohort.

This week the CSIA team held a workshop in Cairns collaborating with Industry on what the future of service integration and investment might look like.

Demonstration Project Proposal 2 – The voice of service users at the centre of investment

CSIA will work with stakeholders in Brisbane to develop a participatory monitoring and evaluation process focused on the experiences of people who access services.

The process will bring Industry and Government together at both officer and executive level to explore stories of change, identify outcomes and pinpoint the factors contributing to how people achieve their outcomes.

Kicking off on 13 September, we will use a design process through the Most Significant Change methodology of collecting stories of change from people.

Demonstration Project Proposal 3 – System Facilitators in a learning and outcomes-focused system

CSIA will work with stakeholders in Logan to explore what it might look like for a local system to incorporate compliance focused on learning to improve outcomes.

We will take a particular focus on the role commissioners and contract managers might play in supporting outcomes-focused working.

Discovery interviews and research are underway with the design process commencing in late September.

Proposal 4 – Commissioning Masterclass/Academy

CSIA will work with a university to explore how we might learn and advance our knowledge and understanding of strategic commissioning.

We are looking forward to keeping you updated over the next three months as these projects roll out.