In 2016, CSIA took a field study trip to the Hunter region with Foundation members to gain insights and ideas as transition began in Queensland. The Hunter region was a trial site for the early rollout of the NDIS, six years on individuals and organisations are now operating in full scheme with at least three years extra accumulated experience than Queensland. This experience forms invaluable insight useful to helping us to think ahead and strategise for the future as the NDIS continues to be implemented in Queensland.

Three years on CSIA will revisit these insights and ideas by hosting speakers from the NSW Hunter region in Brisbane. Six years into their journey we will find out – What’s changed in this time? What are the learnings? How can this help you and your organisation as the NDIS continues to be implemented?

This full-day event will be held on Wednesday 6 November at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Southbank, and will feature expert speakers on culture and finance, new business models, preparation for National Quality and Safeguarding, as well opportunities to engage with speakers in an interactive session at the end of the day.

CSIA CEO Belinda Drew said this event is part of CSIA’s strategy to support organisations to thrive and in turn provide excellent services to people with a disability and their families.

“This event will bring a range of experience and expertise into one room to help organisations to build insights that help them avoid pitfalls and make the most of opportunities.

“Participants will hear from experts who will talk to the areas of collaboration, workforce and labour market, new technologies and capital for business growth. Event particpants will be challenged to think about how to use this information for the development of their organisation as well as how to apply this in partnerships across the industry.”

The program starts with a session with people with lived experience as they share their advice to organisations about what they want and what will work. This offers the opportunity for market research unlike any other.

Other sessions include:

  • Future proofing your business through culture and knowing your numbers with David Hubbard from CINCH Financial Solutions
  • National Quality and Safeguarding – what you need to know with Hunter expert Chantelle Robards
  • Summer Foundation Hunter: A real-life case study with Dr Di Winkler, Founder and Chief of Research and Innovation
  • Different business models and the technology considerations with Robyn Kaczmarek.

CSIA has been delivering key events around the big issues facing the Community Services Industry including inclusion and workforce. Participants have access to thought leaders, experts, people with lived experiences and key organisations around the latest research, ideas and opportunities. The aim of all CSIA events is to contribute to supporting a strong, contemporary and sustainable industry.