CSIA’s Regional Inclusion Ready Officers work closely with people with disability and their families to inform place-based strategies to support regional social and economic inclusion.

There are three communities across Queensland that host Regional Inclusion Ready Officers; Mount Isa, Atherton Tablelands and the Fraser Coast.

We feature the H.Y.P.E² project from Mount Isa in this blog, which talks about the journey that lead to Moondarra Memories: a film that brings together the community to showcase their beloved lake.

A group of young people with disabilities, spearheaded by the creative vision of Danielle Pittis, worked with organisations to produce this engaging must-see video.

CSIA and Young People Ahead (YPA) took a partnered approach through the Inclusion Ready Project to support this project.

The H.Y.P.E² Project

H.Y.P.E² encourages young people with disability to take up the challenge to promote the City of Mount Isa as a prime tourism destination by showcasing in film the hidden treasures the city and region has to offer.

H.Y.P.E² is the creative concept of Danielle Pittis, a youth peer mentor at YPA who lives with mild cerebral palsy. Danielle’s enthusiasm for the stories and history of Lake Moondarra in Mount Isa inspired her to put planning in place to create a film.

Danielle was employed as a Project Support Advisor and Regional Inclusion Ready Officer Colleen Lowe and key stakeholders provided guidance and support.

“The H.Y.P.E² project showcases active inclusion of Mount Isa young people throughout the project design and implementation,” said Ms Lowe. “The social and economic benefits to our community speak for themselves.”

Moondarra Memories

The outcome of H.Y.P.E² is the film Moondarra Memories. The film brings together the Kalkadoon peoples and local voices to share how Mount Isa’s stunning Lake Moondarra and Warrina Park contribute significantly to the cultural, social and economic fabric of a diverse and thriving community.

Moondarra Memories was researched, planned, developed and scripted by a group of local young people living with disabilities.

“The group of 10 young people of varying ages and abilities are responsible for most of the creative work and design of the project and everyone contributed meaningfully,” said Ms Lowe.

Danielle Pittis, Timothy Gale, Jordan Dank and Reece Oltvanji worked with great enthusiasm to see the film to completion.

Project Outcomes

The benefits of providing employment opportunities and a platform for young people with disability to be actively involved in the project were multi-faceted.

“Simply by being included, the group of young people involved in the project have grown into proud, confident and determined individuals, who now believe they can and will contribute to their community in a way that showcases their individual skills and abilities,” explained Ms Lowe.

Moondarra Memories highlights one of the jewels of Mount Isa and is a meaningful asset promoting inclusion, culture, history and tourism for the region.

“As I have watched this project evolve and how it has connected so many in the community, I now have a deeper appreciation of the social and economic benefits of real inclusion,” explained Ms Lowe.

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