Through the Inclusion Ready project, CSIA looks to advance the already existing important work by people with disability to be ready for Information Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) opportunities.

CSIA is supporting a group of Queensland self-advocates with intellectual disability and a consortium of organisations working alongside them to develop a Theory of Change to support their work.

This blog takes a deep dive into how collaboration on an ILC project works effectively, how the Theory of Change process was made accessible and the value of sharing learnings with others developing ILC projects.

About the Self Advocacy Queensland project

Self-Advocacy in Queensland has a history of leaders with intellectual disability speaking out on important issues for people with intellectual disability. This work has been led by a range of organisations and groups committed to self-advocacy.

There is a growing need to bring Queensland to the national conversation of self-advocacy as a collective voice.

The Self Advocacy Queensland project is aimed at doing just that by bringing organisations and groups doing self-advocacy together to develop structure and governance to form a body which is of, by and for people with intellectual disability.

Breaking down the Theory of Change concept

CSIA and Queenslanders with a Disability Network (QDN) contracted the Australian Centre for Social Innovation to co-design a Theory of Change to help shape and evaluate the self-advocates’ project.

The goal of the Theory of Change is to ensure more people with intellectual disability are able to speak up on more issues and be listened to.

The Theory of Change co-design session used metaphors and visualisation processes to break down an abstract concept and make it accessible. Inclusive decision-making instilled confidence and the group ended the session with a shared vision, clarity around goal setting and shaping of an ILC project.

The Value of Sharing Co-Design Resources

The aim of the project was not only to advance the work of the self-advocates, but to share the process and learnings with others looking to build inclusive strategies and evaluation as part of ILC.

The Theory of Change co-design process was documented into Creating a Theory of Change an easy English resource for running Theory of Change workshops for people with intellectual disability.

A group of self-advocates along with QDN and CSIA CEO Belinda Drew will be presenting an interactive workshop at the Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability conference on 7 November 2019.

The workshop will engage participants in the Theory of Change process used and explore how the learnings from the project can be used to inform how groups with a common goal can collaborate on ILC projects.

You can read the full process used in co-designing a Theory of Change in Creating the Future of Inclusion: Running Theory of Change workshops with People with Intellectual Disability.

Download a copy of the Creating a Theory of Change: Towards a future of inclusion resource to run your own workshop.