Last year CSIA engaged Aunty Wendy Watego, Aunty Nicole Watego-Gilsenan and Vicki Scott from the STARS Institute of Learning and Leadership to facilitate a Cultural Intelligence workshop with our team.

The workshops were fantastic with staff walking away with more insights around our cultural capacity, changes we are putting in place and the start of our Reconciliation Action Plan.

Considering our Cultural Intelligence

As a key step in moving towards the development of a Reconciliation Action Plan, the cultural intelligence workshop provided an opportunity for our team to explore and support Indigenous knowledge systems to inform the work we do.

On day one of the workshop Aunty Wendy, Aunty Nicole and Vicki guided us through both our individual and collective cultural intelligence.

Working in three tribes we reflected on our cross-cultural blueprint both individually and as an organisation.

Understanding the hidden influences that make up our cross-cultural blueprint influences the relationships we build with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Aunty Wendy and Aunty Nicole took the team through a process of building our capacity when it comes to cultural knowledge, cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity to work more meaningfully with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

White Privilege

To round out day one Vicki Scott took us on a powerful journey of consciousness of white privilege and during day two we reflected on what can be done at an individual, organisational and Industry level to spread opportunities and advantages more evenly.

Forming Actions for Reconciliation

After reflecting on what we learnt during day one, we took the time on day two to talk in our tribes about actions based on relationships, opportunities and respect.

These actions fed a conversation about what a Reconciliation Action Plan might look like for CSIA.

Next Steps

The CSIA team has committed to a Reconciliation Action Plan working group to explore the outcomes of the workshop and further develop relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities and organisations.

Through these relationships we will explore opportunities to work meaningfully with and improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We will move further towards an understanding of how we can work in a space of shared knowledge and understanding combining Indigenous knowledge systems and western frameworks until it becomes second nature.

CSIA encourages Industry to take the same steps as we share our journey towards reconciliation with you over the next twelve months.