Community service organisations, in particular disability service providers, need to transform and grow their business to meet change. This requires investment in new infrastructure, human resources, systems and other areas.

For your organisation to be successful while investing in transformation, you will need access to suitably structured capital.

CSIA, with the support of the Department of Social Services, NDIS Jobs and Market Fund Round 1, has developed a project to help you with just that.

CSIA CEO Belinda Drew said the project focussed on the financial capability of organisations and the design of a model of collective investment for disability service providers.

“The first phase is delivering a series of two-hour facilitated workshops focussed on Building the Financial Resilience of your organisation,” she said.

“This workshop covers a range of topics you need to know to prepare your organisation to take the next step.”

Belinda said Building Financial Resilience began with understanding current financing trends.

“The Community Services Industry is diversifying capital sources and moving away from a reliance on government funding,” she said.

“To keep your organisation at the forefront, having a strong understanding of what is happening right now and forecasting into the future will be integral to your overall strategy.”

For organisations to find the right capital, you need a sound financial strategy that incorporates investment in opportunities for the future, another key area of the workshop.

“While we will take a deeper dive into financial strategy at the workshop, there are some key areas that organisations should be focussing on when shaping their strategy,” she said.

“I strongly encourage disability service providers and the wider Community Services Industry to attend their local workshop to access this wealth of information and support,” she said.

But that won’t be all, with other topics covered in the two-hour workshop to include:

  • Understanding how your organisation can potentially use alternative forms of capital to deliver new initiatives, programs and services.
  • Effectively leveraging existing assets.
  • Overcoming potential barriers to accessing finance.
  • Investment in improving operational efficiency, governance, process and systems.
  • And more!

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“Building Financial Resilience is one of the ways CSIA is advancing the Community Services Industry through doing business better,” Belinda said.

NDIS Pooled Fund

The second phase of this project provides an unprecedented opportunity to change the way Industry sources capital. CSIA is exploring an opportunity to design a model of collective investment for disability service providers.