Inclusion is everybody’s business

Inclusion is good for everybody. By working together, we can create the change needed to see equality of opportunity for people with disabilities across our communities.

Becoming Inclusion Ready is an important resource for government, industry, business and communities – to create change and shift our thinking. It explores how inclusion can have social and economic benefits for your workplace and wider community, and introduces many concepts around social and economic inclusion and inclusive growth.

Are you looking for academic evidence to support your inclusion project?

Becoming Inclusion Ready has:

  • 80 pages of learnings, snapshots and useful concepts
  • ways to measure the impact of inclusion
  • evidence around the benefit of employing people with disabilities
  • statistics for people with disabilities
  • a useful literature list covering all social and economic inclusion topics

About the authors

CSIA commissioned Griffith University’s Policy Innovation Hub to undertake the environmental scan and develop the Becoming Inclusion Ready report. The report will help people understand the issues around inclusion and build capacity across our communities. By working together, we can make a bigger difference to Queenslanders with disability and ensure inclusion is part of everyone’s lives.