Excellence in practice: strategies for action

After working through the previous three steps from the Excellence Framework for Child Safe Organisations, you are well-placed to create your plan for achieving excellence.

This final tool will help you explore what your organisation could be doing, as well as the ways that current activities can be adjusted to align with a pursuit of excellence. Use it to brainstorm all the possible activities that your organisation could do if resources, including time, were not an issue.

Download Tool #4: Strategies for action

How to use Tools for Excellence Framework for Child Safe Organisations

The tools supporting the Excellence Framework provide your organisation with a practical way to start the conversation today.

  • Use the question-sets from the tools to guide board and staff meetings
  • Use the tools to facilitate group workshops across every department of your organisation
  • Create internal communications around your pursuit of excellence
  • Reflect on the areas your organisation has more activity and the areas with least activity
  • Review your strategies for action regularly in your pursuit of excellence

This forms part of a the Excellence Framework for Child Safe Organisations and is accompanied by:

Tool 1: Understanding

Tool 2: Reflection

Tool 3: Shared Stories