Working together to support children and families to thrive

The community services industry can be game changers and co-leaders in creating a system that supports children and families to thrive.

This report explores how the industry in Queensland can pursue a commissioning approach to achieve better outcomes for at risk children and families accessing child and family services. Read this report to find out:

  • What commissioning for outcomes means
  • Where it might take the child and family services system in Queensland
  • What insights were identified through interviews with key players from industry and the Queensland government
  • What industry ‘readiness’ looks like to shape and prepare for commissioning approaches in Queensland
  • Who is leading the industry call to action on the next steps

“This is a call to action to do whatever it takes to build a system that is focussed not on continuing to rearrange inputs, outputs and activities, but on striving for a system that is driven by excellent outcomes: so that all children and families have the support they need to thrive.” – p.40

Download the report Commissioning for Outcomes: An Industry-led Approach