To learn from the past and build a better future we need excellence. The Excellence Framework provides a way to introduce the concept of Child Safe Organisations as you move towards a position of shared understanding and action across your organisation. It details:

  • The call to action – how we have acknowledged and learned from the past to bring forward the need for the standards and principles
  • The Excellence Aspirations – five aspirations that guide cultural shifts across your organisation to be child safe
  • The process – a set of practical tools to facilitate your engagement in excellence in being child safe

CSIA, in partnership with the Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) has worked with ndustry, government and community to create this framework and supporting tools. It is a way forward, made for Industry, by Industry that is aligned to the Standards and National Principles.

Download the Excellence Framework for Child Safe Organisations.

You will also need the supporting word documents for complete each step of the framework:

Tool 1: Understanding

Tool 2: Reflection

Tool 3: Shared Stories

Tool 4: Strategies for action