Through COVID-19, CSIA has brought together Industry through the Community Services Taskforce and developed Industry-led resources to accelerate planning and preparedness.

We have also worked closely with Queensland Government around the community services response to the pandemic and impacts of restrictions.

Between CSIA, Industry and government they have found a way to ensure organisations have emergency resources to fill the gap now and into the future.

CSIA CEO Belinda Drew said bringing together government and Industry had led to some practical solutions to current and future resourcing issues.

“While we were developing our COVID-19 resources, we heard when organisations said sourcing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was a struggle.

“Being part of the conversation and planning with government, we were able to put this issue on the table along with the range of solutions we were delivering.

“This led to the Queensland Government, through the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors providing at no cost face masks and hand sanitiser for distribution to funded organisations in need across Queensland.

“It’s not what I thought we would be doing at the beginning of 2020 but we see it as an important contribution to supporting organisations to keep delivering essential services as the COVID-19 evolves.”

But how do you get 12,000 litres of hand sanitiser and 12,000 masks to organisations across the state?

Ms Drew said to do this, CSIA needed to draw on a partnership with one of their Industry Members.

“We have been working with Uniting Care who have generously shared their resources around scenario planning. When we spoke to them about the logistics, they put their hand up to house and distribute across the state.

Through this partnership, CSIA, Uniting Care and government are currently supplying more than 1,150 community services organisations across the state with their emergency hand sanitiser and masks.

A social distancing CSIA CEO Belinda Drew with local businessman Mr Chan.

The partnership also includes a local Brisbane business who donated masks to ensure that community services organisations could continue delivering their services to the community.

This is what a partnership is all about – organisations coming together with their resources and networks to deliver real solutions to current and future needs.

Uniting Care Practice, Improvement and Development General Manager Donna Shkalla said CSIA hold to working in true partnership – listening, co-designing and delivering with their partners in and out of COVID-19.

“Industry has been so proactive during the COVID-19 pandemic as it is unfolding – thinking together, developing resources together and building responses in partnership.  CSIA have been instrumental in supporting the Industry to create the space for thinking and working collaboratively.

“CSIA have been our representative voice in raising questions and driving well-thought though actions,” Ms Shkalla said.

Uniting Care had the skills and knowledge to drive PPE planning and preparation across their organisation and to support the Industry.

“UnitingCare were fortunate to be able to tap into the complex skill sets across the breadth of our diverse organisation. These range from the infection control nurses, the skilled procurement team, the wide-ranging service delivery teams and the communications team,” Ms Shkalla said.

“This meant we could build a clear and strong response to support our staff and clients and in the case of PPE, we had something to offer back to the Industry.”

Ms Shkalla said as part of the UnitingCare Queensland response, led by their hospital team, they began building knowledge and resources around the PPE required in response to the pandemic.

“This included the logistics of getting emergency kits to our vulnerable areas across the state,” she said.

Uniting Care Procurement Manager Gully Chaudhry said: “The UnitingCare procurement team, in particular the logistics co-ordinator Kelsey Hawthorne, was agile and responsive in leveraging Uniting Care’s partnerships with its suppliers and passing these benefits onto CSIA.”

CSIA has the COVID-19 resources to support you through the evolving situation.