As the biggest contributor to the Queensland jobs economy for more than a decade – the Health Care and Social Assistance industry – shows no sign of slowing down.

It’s forecasting a fifty per cent growth above any other industry and more than sixty thousand jobs over the next two years.  

Such growth means we must be ready and prepared.

Knowledge and foresight to make necessary changes to our business models and support opportunities for employment and access to the workforce is essential.  

CSIA’s Industry Workforce Briefing paper provides: 

  • valuable insights to the enormity of our Industry
  • its rapid increase over the past five years,
  • our current placing in the Top Sector for jobs amongst other industries such as Construction and Educational and Training.  

In this report we have gathered wide ranging data from the Australian Bureau of Statics Labour Force statistics, Jobs Queensland Anticipating Future Skills report, to the NDIS Market Position Statement among others.  

The paper reveals how our workforce has experienced one of the highest rates of employment growth in Queensland, together with future jobs predictions and growth figures for key regions and occupations set to expand.   

Download the Industry Workforce Briefing paper now to build better understanding to our sector growth.

Gain knowledge about which top thirty key sector occupations are set to rise as well as the Queensland regions that are expected to prosper