These guidelines contain jointly agreed principles for guiding the use of the model COVID-19 IFAs.

They outline the workplace safeguards and supports that should be in place before agreements are entered into with employees.

These guidelines should be read alongside the model COVID-19 Individual Flexibility Agreements (IFAs). Download a copy of the guidelines to find out how the IFAs can help your organisation.

In January 2022 the IFAs and Guidelines were updated to account for two issues:

  1. The updated IFAs can be used when there are serious staff shortage due to COVID impacts including where staff need to isolate and quarantine, resulting on impacts to client safety and wellbeing.
  2. The updated IFAs provide for paid special leave equivalent to the mandatory period of isolation or quarantine for staff (previously up to 14 days). This is due to the change of mandatory isolation and quarantine from the previous 14 day requirement, and ensures staff are compensated for the actual mandatory period.

These Guidelines were developed collaboratively by:

It was facilitated by the Fair Work Commission.

The model COVID-19 IFAs have been developed to allow employers, in agreement with workers, for extended shifts during emergency situations. The IFAs options are:

You can read the FAQs to support you in the process.