Suncare provides home care services throughout Southeast and Central Queensland. To deliver these services they aim to understand community needs and develop innovative responses for people who are ageing, living with a disability or mental illness.

Technology is integral in enabling Suncare to respond effectively to client needs.

Since joining as CEO in 2015, Russell Mason, with the support of the Board, focussed on the digitisation of the business, which has had significant and measurable results.

Digitalisation has meant changing technology platforms across Suncare. In particular moving from ‘on-premises’ servers to SaaS based systems for finance, human resource management, workplace health and safety, marketing and both internal and external communications. This has included core technology platforms such as Microsoft 365 (including business central) and Salesforce.

Staff are now offered the option of activity-based working and flexible working hours where possible and in line with their role in Suncare. This is supported by measuring and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) that the digitisation of workflow has enabled.

A governance structure has been in place that enabled the decisions about the rollout of the digitalisation strategy to be supported. It has meant being able to retain skilled and experienced staff who may need to work remotely.

The technology meant that when a staff person needed to care for a family member in another country, they could work remotely. Digitisation has measurable impacts in terms of cost efficiencies. It has led to the reduction of duplication of efforts, particularly around data entry automation. The improvements reduced corporate overhead costs.

Suncare was also able to take advantage of discounts offered by technology vendors, reducing overall costs of implementation. While many organisations have identified the need to develop and implement improved technology-driven processes to gain efficiencies, often risk-averse governance has prevented such investment, or the cost-recovery and subsequent benefits have not been identified from the outset.

As we can see from Suncare, it’s about good planning, governance, communication and understanding of the numbers.

Do you want to find out more about how to build your organisation’s resilience?

CSIA, with  funding from the Department of Social Services, NDIS Jobs and Market Fund Round 1, have developed this Building Financial Resilience Resource toolkit.

Download a copy of this resource for you and your organisation to use to build your financial capacity and resilience, as well as gain an understanding of sources of capital. The content was developed after a series of Industry workshops around the key topics covered in the chapters of this resource.