CSIA engaged the Centre of Social Impact to develop this report that explores a decade of reform recommendations for the community services sector.

The report uncovers four themes, each being explored further by the CSIA’s Community Services Reform Council.

The themes are:

  • Joined-up and integrated working
  • Competition and contestability
  • Government as steward
  • Workforce reform

We see this as an opportunity to change our approach to policy reform, specifically: 

  • To recommit to the things that matter in achieving better outcomes for people who rely on services and support from community organisations. 
  • To find more efficient and effective ways to work together to do this across the boundaries of community, government, and business. 
  • Direct investment not only to the effort of changing services and supports but to changing the system necessary to deliver them.. 

Hit the download button today to read the full report that reviews the past ten years to track developments in the last concentrated effort at sector reinvigoration by the Commonwealth Government.