The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) National Workforce Plan (the Plan) has been released with 16 initiatives under three key priority areas to building a responsive and capable workforce.

Have you seen it yet?

It calls for Industry, Government, peak bodies and workers to continue working together to:

  • Support and retain existing workers
  • Grow the workforce
  • Maintain quality of participant supports delivered by workers
  • Support sector efficiency and innovation.

To this, we say yes!! This continued collaboration forms a strong foundation for what needs to be achieved.

The three priorities they have set are:

  1. Improve community understanding of the benefits of working in the care and support sector and strengthen entry pathways for suitable workers to enter the sector
  2. Train and support the NDIS workforce
  3. Reduce red tape, facilitate new service models and innovation, and provide more market information about business opportunities in the care and support sector.

We all know that this is imperative to advancing the Community Services Industry around our NDIS workforce needs.

Here at CSIA, we’re working in a number of ways, through collaborations with Industry and Government to build a strong Workforce for the Future. Many of them align to the priorities, initiatives and goals of the Plan.

We have been meeting with federal and state government decision makers, Ministers and our departmental colleagues, around workforce needs and planning. We will continue these as the Plan is implemented.

And to support the implementation, we have a highly skilled and experienced team of sector and workforce specialists dedicated to doing just that.

Our Boosting the Local Care Workforce (BLCW) Team are located across Queensland and in Victoria. And everything the BLCW team have done, and into the next two years, directly contributes to the success of the Plan. This includes:

  • direct engagement with more than 600 organisations each year on a range of workforce and market issues
  • developing more than 25 case studies, factsheets and stories to support workforce growth activities
  • regular dedicated and locality specific activities to educate, assist and advance organisations delivering NDIS services.

The Plan also speaks directly of the work of the Human Services Skills Organisation Pilot, who are developing new ways for the training system to be more responsive to skills needs within the care and support sector.

We are already collaborating with the HSSO on the Workforce Development and Training Mapping project that brought together existing programs with the aim of developing an online platform for easy access. We look forward to continuing this collaborative partnership into the future.

The Plan has around 11 initiatives linked to the work we are aligned to in our Community Services Job Match program.

Community Services Job Match is another way that CSIA is advancing the Community Services Industry through doing business better across the NDIS workforce.

Already Job Match is:

  • challenging the way that job seekers are connecting to potential community services employers, as well as better connecting NDIS and care and support providers to employment and training providers and workers
  • providing an online tool for job seekers
  • improving the ways that job boards and matching occurs
  • promoting opportunities in the care and support sector.

Heading into its second iteration post the peak of COVID-19 pandemic, we look forward to continuing to contribute to building a strong workforce that can meet challenges while delivering exceptional services.

WorkAbility, a consortium led by CSIA with QCOSS and NDS, is already innovatively developing opportunities that align with the National Workforce Plan. You can read more about that work here.