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Our program of work focuses on Workforce for the future, Industry Development and Commissioning for Outcomes. We have a range of projects underway that are enabling us to advance the Community Services Industry through doing business better.

We have chosen three projects that are using the power of our collaboration and partnership with Industry and government to explore real change.

Community Services Data Alliance 

Organisations collect so much data, but how do we harness the power of aggregating this data? With the Workforce Demonstration Project we are testing exactly how to do that, using a Theory of Change. At the end of the project, we look forward to sharing what we find with Industry.

Five community services organisations are involved:

  • Churches of Christ
  • Life Without Barriers
  • Mercy
  • Relationships Australia
  • Uniting Care

Together with Griffith University’s Relational Insights Data Lab, we are working through a process to identify the problem definition and the de-identified data that can be shared with the project. What we are seeing is that there is plenty of scope for aggregating data across the workforce cycle, from recruitment, onboarding through to retention.

In the end, we will have a tested framework for how we did it, evidence of how it worked, the gaps we as an Industry need to address and a pathway forward towards safely aggregating data.

Commissioning for Outcomes – Homelessness Investment Project

As part of our Commissioning for Outcomes Program, CSIA is working with Industry and Government to explore how we might take a person-centred approach to improve practice and service system investment in housing and homelessness services.

As part of this work, CSIA is learning:

  • Alongside individuals experiencing homelessness, using the Most Significant Change (MSC) methodology to understand the changes they find most important in their lives
  • Alongside organisations, who are building capabilities in outcomes, learning and improvement – by collaboratively designing a Theory of Change to guide services (a core feature of an outcomes approach) as well as convening MSC training and Story Summits
  • Alongside collaboratives, what it takes to build a movement with local, national and international stakeholders in pursuit of a functional end to homelessness in Brisbane
  • Through reflection on research, case studies and observations to build and test some of our emerging insights about how we might create paradigm change in Investment and Commissioning, and
  • By working alongside Industry and the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy to support learning in the context of the pandemic, to offer advice on service and system settings.

We look forward to continuing these efforts through partnering with Government and Industry to deliver the Housing Strategy Action Plan 2021-2025.

Logan Solutions + Reform Together

CSIA is working in partnership with the Benevolent Society and Logan Together on a demonstration project, looking to generate better outcomes for children, young people and families in the Logan region.

The Logan Solutions + Reform project brings a commissioning lens to the delivery of the Local Level Alliance (LLA) function. Through collaborative problem-solving, co-designing solutions and supporting and resourcing local leadership, the project will increase local capability and capacity to pursue ongoing change efforts.

The project is also gathering and analysing much-needed data, local expertise and practice evidence, to build momentum around priority system gaps and push the conversation forwards. In doing so, it is building the case for locally-driven system reform in the LLA space, aspiring to better outcomes and sustainable change at a local level.

In the newly created role of CSIA Industry Engagement Specialist Isla Swan joins CSIA Project Lead Harriet Bevitt to deliver the Logan Solutions and Reform Project. Read more about Isla’s new role here.