How does Job Match Workforce work?


How does JobMatch Workforce work?

CSIA has created a restricted SharePoint site and Teams channel to support job matching between organisations participating in the JobMatch Workforce initiative.

Through these linked tools, you will be able to see which other organisations are participating and access all the tools you need to recruit and onboard workers via a partnership with other registered organisations.

When disaster occurs, impacted organisations who have registered can come to the SharePoint site and Teams channel and:

  • update the register of workers they have available
  • indicate the positions they need to fill
  • connect directly with other employers
  • negotiate an MOU as required
  • provide feedback and evaluation
  • share and access information to support a shared workforce
  • reach out to one another in private conversations.

Additionally, CSIA keeps a register of available workers from all participating organisations so we’re able to support job matching as quickly as possible when disasters happen.

CSIA strongly encourage all organisations who are sharing workers to put in place a formal agreement. To support this, we have developed an MOU checklist which is available for participating organisations on the SharePoint site.

The information we provide through this program in no way constitutes legal advice. CSIA encourages all participating organisations to seek out their own independent legal advice.

We have also made a variety of essential communications tools available on the SharePoint site to make it easier for you to implement each step of a shared workforce.

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