Get Ready Queensland Weeka Queensland Government disaster preparedness campaign running from 10 ­– 16 October 2021 – couldn’t be a better-timed initiative for launching CSIA’s latest project.

Your Organisation’s Resilience Maturity

CSIA has been working with Industry and Government for several years to support disaster resilience in the Community Services Industry with better business continuity planning, Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction, and most recently in response to COVID-19.

The Community Services Industry Disaster Resilience Maturity Assessment Tool and Playbook project has been funded by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority to give you the tools you need to assess your organisational resilience and plan your approach to continuous improvement.

The project will run until February 2023 but kicks off with a collection of stories to demonstrate the resilience building expertise and experience that already exists in our Industry.

CSIA Project Manager Louise Hughes said that conceptually, the collection of stories was about peer-to-peer expertise sharing.

“We learn best from our peers; the people who have similar experiences to our own,” says Louise.

“It makes sense that we collect these examples from our own organisations because they already have the expertise we’re looking to find.

“Our experience with previous projects in this space – such as the Business Continuity Planning suite of resources and the Business Maturity Scorecard – is that standard business tools don’t resonate with our Industry compared with these co-designed approaches.

“So, we’re working across the Community Services Industry to build a resilience maturity assessment tool and playbook that makes sense to our organisations and their context,” she explains.

CSIA is partnering with six regional Queensland organisations to engage as many other community services organisations from across the State as possible.

Project partners include:

  • Centacare FNQ
  • Centacare NQ
  • Greater Whitsundays Communities
  • Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre
  • Capricorn Community Development Association
  • Queensland Families and Communities Association.

Want to share a story?

CSIA wants to hear your stories of organisational resilience in the face of disaster, be that natural disaster, COVID-19 disruptions, dramatic funding changes or any other organisational threat that challenged the way you operate.

We’re looking to build a cache of examples from within the Community Services Industry of lessons learnt to feed into this project.

But have no fear. You don’t need to write the story.

Louise is more than happy to interview you and write the story for your organisation’s approval.

We’re looking for examples that include:

  • what happened
  • what impact it had on your organisation and your ability to deliver services
  • what you did in response
  • what learnings you can share
  • what the outcome has been for your organisation.

If you have an example of how your organisation has shown or built resilience in the face of disaster, please email Louise Hughes at [email protected].