As an Industry we know the social and economic benefits of hiring people with disability – increased innovation, productivity and effectiveness in business.

But how do we become a leader in this space?

At CSIA’s recent Workforce Innovation Network event we heard from the experts as they explored inclusive practices for attracting, recruiting, and retaining employees with disability.

Our speakers provided insights and tools you can implement today to create more inclusive hiring practices.

Start the conversation in your workplace around what we can do as an Industry to be a leader in this space.

Job Life Employment CEO Nunzia Confessore

Nunzia Confessore set the scene with statistics, mythbusting and took us through the campaigns Job Life Employment has undertaken to encourage employment of people with disability. Nunzia seeks to inspire people to achieve extraordinary things with a commitment and vision to changing the lives of people with disability through gaining meaningful employment.

Brisbane City Council Executive Strategic People & Culture Manager Rona McLean-Carmody

Rona McLean-Carmody took us through Brisbane City Council’s inclusive employment programs and framework for a whole of organisation approach to hiring and retaining people with disability.

With her strong focus on innovation, collaboration and building resonate relationships, Rona finds pathways to engagement when tackling complex HR issues such as the future of work and organisational change. She is a strong champion of diversity and inclusion and has a passion for developing and mentoring leaders and emerging leaders.

QDeNgage Consultant Elisha Matthews

Proud disabled woman Elisha Matthews is a writer, speaker and activist who covers disability issues amongst other community matters.

Founder of the No Permit No Park campaign, former ABC Brisbane Community Correspondent and Contributor to the Queensland Plan, Elisha was awarded the Australia Day honour by Moreton Bay Regional Council of Citizen of the Year 2019 for her tireless advocacy for people with disabilities which lead to the development of the first Disability Access and Inclusion Plan for the region.

Elisha continues to consult to both the government and non-government sectors on disability policy and issues. She is a peer support leader with Queenslanders with Disability Network. In her spare time, she is teaching her cats to make tea and applaud her comedic aspirations.

Social Scaffolding and Inclusive Employment Movement Founder Andrew Hamilton

Andrew gives us an overview of the Inclusive Employment Movement, committed to breaking down barriers to meaningful employment for people with disabilities.