Along with a suite of ready to go resources to accelerate your planning and preparedness for living and working with COVID, we have turned our eye to supporting your workforce.

CSIA has launched new initiatives thanks to our collaborations, ability to respond quickly to emerging issues and understanding of the needs of Industry.

The Job Match Aged Care initiative connects retired nurses to organisations across the aged care sector to meet surge workforce needs.

Job Match Workforce began as a shared border initiative to support organisations along our borders to meet shortages whenever our borders are shut.

CSIA CEO Belinda Drew said it was through the relationships we had developed – and the collaborations like the Industry Taskforce and our connections through government – that enabled: CSIA to design practical responses to emerging issues and challenges.

This is the way we approach new items that arise for Industry:

  • bringing together Industry experts to gather insights and learnings
  • co-designing Industry-led solutions
  • sharing and engaging with our government colleagues
  • bringing together content experts to share the evolving response
  • pivoting our response when the situation changes.

“CSIA was already working on the issue of workforce shortages via Community Services Job Match when the border closures emerged as a compounding factor for organisations already struggling to meet demand during COVID-19,” Ms Drew said.

“So, we united with a group of community services organisations from either side of the Queensland and New South Wales border to carve out a sensible path forward.”

Ultimately, what was needed here was a plan:

  • For ensuring that vulnerable Australians could receive continuity of care
  • that workers could have continuity of employment
  • that organisations could experience the least amount of service disruption possible.

The end result was a register of participating organisations and suite of tools designed to support those organisations in the creation of shared workforce arrangements.

You can read more detail about the initiative here.

“Our connections throughout the country made it easier for us to deliver this result because we were able to take lessons from jurisdictions that had already made moves in the space,” said Ms Drew

“And now we know with high vaccination uptake that the borders are going to open. CSIA saw quickly how the concept needed to pivot.

“The looming workforce impacts from border openings was only going to exacerbate the need for shared workforce arrangements rather than diminish them.”

“Queensland has never seen outbreaks of COVID-19 like those experienced in New South Wales and Victoria, but we’ve been warned; it’s coming.

“With that in mind, CSIA were able to rapidly adjust the resources so that every community services organisation had access to tools to develop a shared workforce agreement, regardless of their location, size or sector,” she said.

Job Match Aged Care – an initiative to meet the impacts of COVID

The issues facing the aged care workforce, have been compounded during the pandemic, especially regarding the shortages of nursing staff.

A collaboration between the Federal Department of Health and CSIA now means that aged care providers who are experiencing critical shortages of nursing staff can easily access a database of nurses who are willing to work in the sector.

The nurses currently in this database have come from the Ahpra pandemic sub-register and have expressed a specific willingness to support the aged care sector.

CSIA was able to put the infrastructure in place to quickly support a campaign by the Federal Department of Health encouraging nurses to register with JobMatch Aged Care.

At the same time, we also liaised with Leading Age Services Australia (LASA), and Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) so that their members were aware of the service CSIA now offer to help them build out their nursing workforce.

While these services are young and evolving, they are a demonstration of CSIA’s capacity to think and adapt at speed to issues that impact our Industry.

We’re proud of our intentionally established networks that mean we can operate with agility in spaces that require the connection of ideas, organisations and resources to cement resilience in the Community Services Industry.