Disability Matters is a disability service provider with more than 25 years’ experience supporting people with disability in the Atherton Tablelands region in Far North Queensland.

Kirsty Lamperd is the Service Manager and has been in this role since October 2017.

Together with seven statewide disability providers, WorkAbility Qld and TAFE Queensland, Kirsty has participated in an Advisory Group for the development of the NDIS Workforce Fundamentals Micro-credential pilot project.

The initiative has been funded by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) to produce a common induction for the NDIS workforce or people delivering NDIS-type supports.

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Since the Micro-credential launched in December 2020 it is now available free for NDIS providers and services that deliver NDIS-type supports.

Disability Matters has adopted the online course as a prerequisite for applicants as part of the organisation’s recruitment process.

“The Micro-credential really is very insightful and clearly and respectfully provides the knowledge from both a participant and a service providers perspective.”

“We do this Micro-credential at the application step, before the induction,” she said.

“If potential new workers do [the micro-credential], this will definitely set the scene for what they’re going to be interviewed and employed for so therefore making our job a lot quicker.”

Kirsty advocates that Micro-credential course content covers all types of supports and gives an insight into the role of a support worker – which can be broad.

“The Micro-credential gives potential support workers that background knowledge on the role, or that insight into the role, prior to coming into the industry, so that they’re better prepared for an interview and what to expect out of the role.”

“It reflects our needs because we are getting candidates that actually know what they’re coming into.”

The course is designed to address training needs of the whole disability service industry, from registered NDIS providers to organisations that deliver NDIS type supports and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Health Organisations.

“Because this Micro-credential was put together by Industry we have that common understanding about what we expect of workers so that has contributed to the portability and transferability of this resource.

“A support worker that comes to us from another organisation or leaves us for another organisation; they can hear the same information.”

“For existing workers it’s a really good reminder of good practice because they can easily fall into old patterns.”

“There’s a big pool of workers out there and they often work for more than one organisation, so this micro-credential training allows the provider to better respond to resource demands across the industry, it provides industry recognition through a digital badge, and provides one training package as a great shared workforce resource.“

The NDIS Workforce Fundamentals Micro-credential is available FREE for NDIS providers and services that deliver NDIS-type supports.

The Micro-credential teaches learners about:

  • The NDIS and how it links to Human Rights
  • Professional frameworks and legislation
  • Ethical and legal breaches
  • Ensuring professional boundaries
  • Person-centred and strengths-based approaches
  • Key roles and responsibilities of a support worker
  • Communication, interpersonal skills and respectful practice
  • Recognising and responding to signs of abuse and neglect
  • Cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural communication

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